Dow Code of Conduct

The Dow Code of Conduct summarizes many of the ethical principles and policies created to deal with issues such as bribery, political contributions, equal employment opportunity, and environment, health and safety. All of us at Dow, no matter where we happen to live, are expected to apply these principles in the daily performance of our job responsibilities.

In April 2019, a new Code of Conduct was approved by Dow's Board of Directors. The Code will be translated into 16 languages.

Code of Conduct (1.9MB PDF)

Questions or Concerns?

The Dow EthicsLine is a toll-free help line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The help line is available to those who wish to ask questions about Dow policy, seek guidance on specific situations, report violations of Dow Code of Conduct or other unethical business practices. For callers in North America, the telephone number is +1-800-803-6862.

For all other countries outside North America, please visit for country-specific information and dialing instructions. Translation services are available if you prefer to speak in your native language. The communications specialists who answer your call are employed by an independent company, and are trained to handle your call confidentially. In some countries, you may call the Dow EthicsLine anonymously if you prefer.

The Dow EthicsLine is also available in multiple languages on the web for individuals who may be more comfortable reporting their concerns in writing. The same confidentiality safeguards that are in place for telephone reporting are in place for this option as well. The web reporting sites can be accessed at

Alternatively, you can call the Office of Ethics and Compliance directly at +1-989-636-2544. Emails may be directed to

Translations to other languages forthcoming.