Water and Nature

As a materials science company, we have tremendous appreciation for the critical importance of resilient watersheds and healthy ecosystems—and strive for a balanced, mutually beneficial relationship with them. It’s why we’re implementing a robust water stewardship and land management approach that conserves natural environments for the benefit of the planet, communities and business.

Gambia Mangroves. Aerial view of mangrove forest in Gambia. Photo made by drone from above. Africa Natural Landscape.

Healthy ecosystems are vital to our planet

Earth’s ecosystems depend on water

It touches every aspect of our lives and links with nearly every United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

The global economy depends on water and nature

A recent WEF report estimated that more than half of the world’s economic output is highly or moderately dependent on nature.

Healthy ecosystems can help mitigate climate change

When deprived, these ecosystems go from being highly effective at storing carbon, to contributing to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Dow’s most impactful dependency on nature is water

Dow Thailand plant

Why is water critical to our daily operations?

  • We use water in our operations primarily to manage heat generated by some of our manufacturing processes.
  • We consume a small amount in some of our products and process technologies.

Did you know?
Approximately 95% of the water we withdraw is returned to the environment.

Our approach to conserving watersheds and ecosystems

Recent actions and collaborations

swamp in mississippi watershed

Investing in nature-based solutions

Find out how the Loch Leven project contributes to flood prevention and resilience in the Mississippi River watershed.

water purification system

Using technology to reshape water use

Discover how we’re taking a more circular approach to how water is used, managed and shared.

two ducks on the water

Helping protect Michigan’s largest watershed

Learn what it takes to conserve and improve the watershed that includes 7,000 miles of rivers and streams spanning 22 counties.

Milestones moving forward

We recently expanded our Protect the Climate target with new milestones for water and nature. Check them out to see what we’re working toward.

Aerial view of Midland, MI

By 2030

We've implemented a robust land management strategy, our top 20 water-dependent sites have water stewardship plans, and 10 of those sites are water-resilient.

Dow employee looks out from tower in plant

By 2035

Every Dow site worldwide has implemented a water stewardship plan. Prioritized Dow sites have an action plan to drive conservation or regenerative change.

aerial view of lake and Dow site

By 2050

We've partnered to conserve 50,000 acres of habitat and our top 20 water-dependent sites are water-resilient.

Ongoing partnerships in conservation

birds flying over a wetland

Ducks Unlimited

Our continuing partnership with the world’s leader in wetlands conservation has helped enhance tens of thousands of acres of coastal freshwater wetlands while protecting critical wildlife habitat.

birds around a wetland at sunset

The Nature Conservancy

Our groundbreaking collaboration with The Nature Conservancy helps us consider the effects on nature in every business decision. This approach has led to healthier ecosystems with cleaner air and water.

aerial view of a river

Rivers are Life 

We are a founding member of Rivers are Life, a platform inspiring action to protect, conserve and explore the world’s rivers.

2023 INtersections Report: Protecting the Climate