Employee Resource Groups

Dow’s ERGs are a valuable platform for advancing inclusion and driving business growth. Our ERGs provide a source of community and connection, while also amplifying impact by aligning to strategic priorities such as wellbeing, talent needs and supplier diversity.

Explore our 10 ERGs

ADN logo

Asian Diversity Network

Executive Sponsor: Brendy Lange

ADN offers networking with peers and leaders, mentorship opportunities, resources for skill development and advocates for greater Asian cultural awareness.

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Disability Employee Network

Executive Sponsor: John Sampson

DEN focuses on improving perceptions about people with disabilities and raising awareness about the contributions they make – both at work and outside of work – and fosters the success of people with disabilities.

GAAN logo

Global African Affinity Network

Executive Sponsor: Karen S. Carter

GAAN creates opportunities for employees to develop mentoring and networking relationships that enhance their career potential.

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Executive Sponsor: Amy Wilson

GLAD, the chemical industry’s first LGBTQ+ employee resource group, was formed more than 20 years ago, to improve LGBTQ+ workplace equality.

HLN logo

Hispanic Latin America Network

Executive Sponsor: A.N. Sreeram

HLN focuses on three pillars: build the pipeline of Hispanic talent, develop and engage through activities and trainings, and contribute to an inclusive environment.

MENA logo

Middle East North Africa Intercultural Network

Executive Sponsor: Isam Shomaly

MENA Intercultural Network is focused on breaking stereotypes, bringing awareness and inclusion of Middle Eastern culture, and providing insight into conducting business in the region.

PRIME logo

PRIME - 50+

Executive Sponsor: Melanie Kalmar

PR!ME creates a culture of appreciation and recognition for mature workers and leverages their unique expertise and experience to contribute to the growth of Dow.

RISE logo

RISE - Early Careers

Executive Sponsor: Rebecca Bentley

RISE provides an environment to foster positive integration of new employees, enabling them to contribute their full potential faster and influence the Dow culture through their unique voice.


Veterans Network

Executive Sponsor: Jane Palmieri

VetNet was established to attract, retain and mentor active service members and veterans, and serve as an education resource, while also generating positive community outreach.

WIN logo

Women’s Inclusion Network

Executive Sponsor: Jeff Tate

WIN supports the professional development of women around the world, offering mentoring and networking opportunities, and providing access to professional development tailored to the unique needs of women at critical career stages.

Discover our ERGs in action

EmpowerHer workshop in Terneuzen

Empowering Migrant Women in the Netherlands

The Global African Affinity Network (GAAN), in partnership with Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), hosted the EmpowerHer workshop for migrant women in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. During the event, participants learned from professionals who specialize in migration, as well as from Dow professionals, on what to consider when integrating into the Netherlands, how to start a business and how to build a successful career.

Dow scientists in a lab

Championing career re-entry for women

Dow’s PR!ME ERG partnered to empower women over 45 seeking career re-entry in Zurich through the “Return to Work 45+” program.

Launched in 2022, the program offered nine months of mentoring and was so successful that it continued through 2023—and received additional funding for 2024.

Team Rubicon volunteers

Veterans serving communities

Discover how veterans on Team Rubicon and Team Dow collaborate to respond to disasters like Hurricanes Harvey and Ida—both of which deeply impacted communities where Dow operates.

Jim Fitterling and Governor Gretchen Whitmer at a community event

“An inclusive culture attracts diversity. By drawing on different perspectives, we will develop solutions—for a better tomorrow and a better today.”

Jim Fitterling
Chair and Chief Executive Officer

See the results of our ambition in action

2023 INtersections Report: Inclusion, Diversity and Equity