U.S. Public Policy & Dow’s Political Engagement Policy

Government policy is one of the most powerful external forces affecting Dow today. New laws and changes to existing laws can fundamentally impact Dow's operations and the markets in which we do business - and in turn, our bottom line, thereby affecting Dow employees, retirees, suppliers, customers, communities and stockholders.

Because the impact of government policy is so critical to our survival and success, Dow actively participates in both policymaking and political processes, through legally allowed advocacy efforts and by making political contributions to candidates, parties and causes. Dow is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct in our involvement in policymaking and political process.

In addition, Dow employees and retirees in the United States are active in policymaking and political process, contacting their legislators through grassroots campaigns and contributing to the Dow Inc. Political Action Committee (DowPAC), which supports candidates for federal and state offices in the U.S. Dow supports these activities as a way to promote open and transparent civic engagement.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish:

Last Update: 09/09/2019

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