Circular Economy

Transitioning to a more circular economy is vital to a sustainable future. As we collaborate and innovate to get there, we are taking a product’s total lifecycle into account—from the resources used to create it, to how it’s made, to its use, disposal, and reuse.

2023 INtersections Report:  Circular Economy

What is a circular economy?

At Dow, we’re rethinking the traditional, linear, “take-make-dispose” way of doing business and adopting new ways of working that maximize the value and use of resources across their life cycle.

Our circular economy targets

We have set ambitious targets to guide our journey to advance a circular economy. These targets build upon our 2025 Sustainability Goals and focus on accelerating a sustainable future.

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Transform the waste

By 2030, Dow will transform plastic waste and other forms of alternative feedstock to commercialize 3 million metric tons of circular and renewable solutions annually.

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Close the loop

In support of our efforts to Transform the Waste, we will Close the Loop by enabling 100% of Dow products sold into packaging applications to be designed for reusability or recyclability by 2035.

Collaborations for circularity

Top Terra packaging

Developing a platform for change

Discover why brand owners are choosing REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastic Resins to help achieve their sustainability goals.

Haley Lowry participating in a panel discussion at FastCo Innovation Festival

Unlocking the value of waste

Explore our perspective on the materials ecosystem and an innovative systems approach to help waste reach its full potential.

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Collaborating for circularity in glove packaging

See how Dow and Ecoplast jointly achieved a balance of performance and sustainability.

Materials Ecosystem map

Dive into the materials ecosystem

Discover all you need to know about the materials ecosystem and our approach for a better way to make, use and reuse plastics.

Meet Chemical Kim

Dow partnered with scientist and social media influencer Chemical Kim to explore the future of recycling. Take a look at our collaboration and hear what she has to say.

Check out the Plastics Unwrapped Podcast

Listen in as host and journalist Maithreyi Seetharaman seeks solutions with some of the world’s leading thinkers on our eye-opening Plastics Unwrapped Podcast.

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Working together with Rivers are Life

We are committed to addressing waste in the environment. Through partnerships, such as Rivers are Life, we are working to cleanup waterways and natural habitats around the world.

Operation Clean Sweep

As a pledged member of this program designed to prevent plastic pellet, flake and powder loss to the environment, we’re focused on achieving zero pellet loss across the value chain.

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Designing for circularity

See how our products support the ability to design for circularity at the outset—expanding the possibilities for recyclability and helping enable a more circular economy.

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Recovered. Recycled. Renewed. 

We are addressing the demand for recycled materials and helping our customers’ meet their targets. Explore our products containing recycled content.

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Advancing bio-based materials

Explore how we are integrating biomass feedstocks, as an alternative to virgin fossil feedstocks, to produce products that maintain the high-performance required.

2023 INtersections Report:  Circular Economy