Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is an intergral part of Dow's core values, and the company is committed to applying sound corporate governance and leadership principles and practices. It helps us create and maintain a culture that supports long-term success, strengthens decision-making and builds trust in our company.

Our approach

We maintain an independent and diverse Board of Directors with balanced backgrounds and relevant skills and experiences. Strong governance practices are supported by a balanced leadership structure, including a Lead Director
with a clear role and substantive responsibilities.

We align our strategy and goals to our largest areas of enterprise risk and opportunity, with clear Board oversight and responsibility. Our compensation programs are designed to support our business and environmental, social and governance priorities. 

We ensure a culture of integrity through an effective code of conduct and ethics and compliance program. We engage regularly and respond to feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

Balanced and effective Board leadership

The Board actively oversees and engages with management in stewardship of our company’s strategy, priorities, and enterprise risk management.

The Board actively oversees and engages with management in stewardship of our company’s strategy, risk management and overall performance.
Management and accountability
Executive management actively leads cross-functional efforts to set strategy and oversee the activities related to assessing and managing relevant risks/opportunities.
Engaging with stakeholders
Board members and leaders conduct outreach throughout the year to ensure they understand and consider the issues important to our stakeholders, including shareholders, governments, customers, suppliers and employees.

Diverse and qualified Company leadership

Our key corporate leadership team makes the daily decisions that help Team Dow create unique materials science innovations and solutions for a more sustainable world.






collage of Dow's Leadership Team
Dow's Collegeville office interior

Living our values

From our codes of conduct and financial ethics to our position on human rights and our commitment to responsible sourcing, we are dedicated to ensuring high standards in the work we do, the products we deliver, and the way it all impacts people and the planet.

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