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We are committed to ensuring high standards in our work, our products and the way we conduct ourselves in the world. Read on for details about our codes of conduct, financial ethics, position on human rights, and commitment to responsible sourcing.

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Ethics and compliance at Dow

Dow's policy is to be lawful, highly-principled and socially responsible in all of its business practices. Dow expects employees to learn and comply with all company policies and laws applicable to their job responsibilities and to adhere to the guiding principles outlined in the Dow Code of Conduct.

In September 1998, Dow established the Office of Ethics and Compliance to reinforce the company's long-standing commitment to ethical business conduct. The office communicates the company's standards, provides guidance on issues related to ethical conduct and oversees mechanisms for action in this critical area.

Dow Code of Conduct

The Dow Code of Conduct summarizes many of the ethical principles and policies created to deal with issues such as bribery, political contributions, equal employment opportunity, and environment, health and safety. All of us at Dow, no matter where we live, are expected to apply these principles in the daily performance of our job responsibilities.

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Code of Financial Ethics

Dow executive and financial leaders are expected to adhere to the Dow Code of Financial Ethics.  Their compliance is assessed and reported on by the Chair of the Audit Committee. 

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Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers

We make supplier decisions based on a number of factors, including how they set standard for sustainability and embody highly responsible, ethical business practices.

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