At Dow, we are a diverse group of problem solvers who create products and solutions using our deep experience and understanding of materials science. We strive to lead our industry while delivering best-in-class performance.

Dow headquarters building

Over a century of innovation

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Our history

From science start-up to innovation powerhouse, Dow has continuously transformed itself to make a positive impact on the world.

The roots of Dow: Interactive timeline

Delve into our company roots and find out how it all began, discover key historical milestones, and learn how we got where we are today.

Committed to the highest standards

Public policy and positions
Dow’s global public policy agenda covers a wide-range of specific areas where we do business.
Ethics and compliance
All Dow people are expected to learn and follow our Code of Business Conduct and use it to guide their actions.  
Issues and challenges
Dow works to advance issues through a combination of listening to differences in opinion and growing with the advancement of scientific research.
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Markets and products

We use our materials science expertise to collaborate with experts in almost every industry and create solutions that positively impact the world. Want to view all our product and contact information in one place?

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