Safer Materials

A sustainable future cannot be achieved without considering chemistry – the foundation upon which countless products are developed. We are committed to ensuring that the materials we bring to market—and the way we manage them along the way—are designed for the safety of people everywhere around the world.

2023 INtersections Report: Safer Materials

Dow’s approach to safer materials

To develop safer materials that meet the needs of our customers and the value chain, we monitor regulatory trends and use cutting-edge science. Our approach focuses on three main areas.

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Characterizing our product portfolio

Sustainability and safety are embedded in our innovation process, starting in the research and development phase. We also continually assess the safety of our existing products.

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Managing priority substances

Through a robust methodology, we identify substances of concern and define clear action plans to address these products across their life cycles.

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Innovating the materials of tomorrow

We’re working with our customers and value chain partners to develop products that are more sustainable and maintain or exceed existing performance.

Safe materials for a sustainable planet

Nearly a decade ago, as part of our 2025 Sustainable Goals, Dow made a commitment to accelerate our safer material journey through innovation, candid conversations and open and transparent chemistry.

Technology highlights


RHOBARR™ Barrier Dispersion


ECOSURF™ Surfactant


SunSpheres™ BIO SPF Booster

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CIO 100 Awards

We’re honored to have received a CIO 100 Award for our Smart Search tool—powered by CAS—which accelerates R&D and helps provide the best, most sustainable solutions for customers. 

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Blueprint for product safety

Aligned with our 2025 Sustainability Goals, we published a blueprint on how collaboration, innovation, and the highest quality of science is the foundation for managing chemical products safely. From evaluating innovative opportunities to collaborating on science-based safety assessments, we’re working on solutions to help preserve our planet and ensure human safety.

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Responsible Care®

Learn how this voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry is taking leading companies above and beyond their prior accomplishments to achieve even higher standards of performance—and generate greater value for their businesses.

How do we develop safe products?

It’s a question often asked by customers, regulators and others. Watch "The Birth of a Molecule" video below to find out how safely we develop new solutions to global problems.

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Sustainability Science

This unique product portfolio helps our customers and value chain partners discover and deliver more sustainable solutions to the world we share.

2023 INtersections Report: Safer Materials

®Responsible Care is a service mark of The American Chemistry Council in the United States.