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Dow Pittsburg Operations is located about an hour east of San Francisco and has both manufacturing and research facilities supporting two of six global Dow businesses, including Dow AgroSciences and Performance Chemicals. Pittsburg Operations is one of 156 manufacturing sites located in 37 countries around the world. We were proud to be celebrating 75 years in the Pittsburg community in 2014!

About Us

On January 1, 1939, Dow purchased the Great Western Electrochemical Company, becoming the first major manufacturing expansion outside of Dow’s Michigan headquarters.Great Western was owned by a group of prominent San Francisco businessmen who operated their businesses along the West Coast, anticipating development of the agriculture, forest products, oil and mining industries.During World War I, most of the company’s products were requisitioned for the war effort.After developing, producing and marketing a variety of new products, Dow purchased the company and incorporated it into its operations.

Now, after 76 years in this community, Dow is still a driving force for innovation, environmental stewardship and is viewed as a solid employer, providing high quality, high-paying jobs to the residents of Contra Costa County.

Facts for 2014:

Economic Impact for 2014:

  • Number of Employees: 350
  • Pittsburg Operations Payroll: $35 million
  • Number of Contractors: 250
  • Dollars spent with local suppliers: $60 million
  • Nine Manufacturing Plants on 513 acres of land
  • State Income Taxes: $20 million
  • Wetlands Preserve 472 acres
  • Property Tax: $3 million

Products Made at Dow Pittsburg Operations

Dow products protect the world’s food supplies and make our lives easier.
Dow’s Pittsburg Operations produces more than twelve different basic and specialty chemical products. You might not find our basic chemical products on your store shelves, but they help produce many consumer and commercial products that improve our lives every day.

For example, our DOWICIL™ antimicrobial is used in personal care products such as sunscreens, cosmetics and paints to inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend their shelf life and usability.Our VIKANE™ fumigant, safely treats homes infested with termites. Our agricultural products help the commercial farmer rid his crops of weeds that take valued space and soil nutrients, increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, prevent the growth of fungus, and prevent insects from devouring crops.

It's enlightening to learn how Dow chemistry can help improve our lives.


In 2010, Dow Pittsburg conducted a survey in the community.  We wanted to determine:

  • what quality of life issues were most important to our residents?
  • with what issues are they are most dissatisfied?
  • and, given those answers, what should be Dow's rightful role in helping to improve the quality of life in East Contra Costa County?

Here’s what the survey results told us Dow's priorities should be:

  1. Environmental protection
  2. Educational Opportunities (specifically in the areas of science, math & engineering)
  3. Employment opportunities

As such, we have become much more strategic in our community efforts, activities and contributions – ensuring that our energies are focused in the areas that are most important to the community and that make sense for Dow.

Participating in the Community

From serving on boards to performing chemistry demonstrations, from participating in fundraisers to reading to children in the schools, Dow’s employees are involved. Employees are given time off for volunteering for Dow-sponsored activities – and many do.

Our Quarterly Community Outreach Reports illustrate the site tours and Wetlands tours that were conducted, activities our employees took part in throughout the community and any media mentions or awards Dow Pittsburg received.

Protecting the Community

Safety is always Dow's top priority. Our goal every day is to ensure that every employee goes home to their families the same way they showed up to work – healthy.

We also know that the community gives us our license to operate – and, as such, will not tolerate harming the environment or threatening the area in which we all live.

Each year, Dow partners with emergency responders from across the region to conduct a CAER Drill (Community Awareness & Emergency Response). It’s a disaster simulation that takes nearly a year to plan, hundreds of volunteers to execute and dozens of local agencies to coordinate. Partners in this effort include local fire and police, public health officials, hospitals, ambulance services, HazMat, the Coast Guard, Life Flight, and more.The result is a community that is better prepared for any emergency that will require a coordinated effort

Tours of the Pittsburg Site

The Department of Homeland Security dictates Dow’s security practices and a drive by our site looks like we are high-security. Well, we are.However, we would love to show the community what we do here.

What might you see on a site tour? We can tailor the tour to fit your interests – or that of your group. A 25-passenger bus is available to drive you around the 500-acre site to see our solar farm, our 11 manufacturing plants, our position on the river and/or a state-of-the-art control room. We can always arrange to have employees discuss their careers with you, explain our safety procedures or talk about new innovations taking place in the world of chemistry.

Tours for groups can be scheduled by calling 925-432-5176. No children under age 13 are allowed on site.

Impact Magazine





Community Members Serve as Eyes, Ears and Mouth for Dow

The mission of the Dow Pittsburg Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is to actively promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the communities surrounding the Dow Pittsburg facility and the company through ongoing interaction, supporting shared goals and dedication to identifying and resolving issues of concern.

More than a dozen community members meet monthly to advise Dow on things happening in the community, to learn about activities taking place at Dow that may have an impact on the community and receive updates on the safety, security and environmental efforts underway at Dow Pittsburg.

Members of the Dow Pittsburg CAP

Our current members reside throughout the East County region and are as varied in activities as they are in geography. From left to right, we are pleased to introduce the following:

Michele Copeland (Antioch) - American Trophies & Awards

Tom Stewart (Martinez) - CAP Facilitator, Dynamic Networking

Marina Gottschalk (Martinez) - CAP Scribe, Dynamic Networking

Freddy Ripoli (Pittsburg) - USS POSCO Industries

Balaji Venkataraman (Pittsburg) - Dow Pittsburg Site Leader

Randy Fischback (Pittsburg) - Dow Employee

David Wahl (Pittsburg) - Los Medanos Community College

Steve Albanese (Pittsburg) - Pittsburg Police Dept.

Not Pictured:

Lupe Lopez Garcia (Bay Point) - Bay Point Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and the Bay Point CAP

Theresa Miller (Pittsburg) - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordinator for East County

Minh Q. Nguyen (Oakley) - Bank of the West

Angela Lowrey (Pittsburg) - Delta Diablo

Stephanie Marple (Antioch) - Deer Valley High School

The Dow CAP Competitive Grant Program

As part of Dow's charitable giving – knowing that our CAP members have close ties within the community – the CAP is given funds each year to assist local non-profits with grant monies. The competitive process usually begins in July, with applications due in late September and the grant money being distributed in late October. The focus of their grants can change from year to year, but typically focuses on STEM-related education, workforce development and protecting the environment.


2018 Community Grant Program Timeline

August 1

Application opens; notifications mailed

September 30

Deadline for submissions *Applications must be submitted online. Faxed, e-mailed and mailed applications are not acceptable.

November 13

Dow notifies grant awardees

December - January

Grant monies delivered


Grant recipients honored at CAP Holiday Dinner

April - August 2018

Grant Recipients report to CAP

The Dow Community Grant Application is available and must be submitted online at the link will go live on August 1st and applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on September 30, 2018.


For questions about the CAP Grant Program, please contact Taylor Gonzalez at


We know that, in order to hire employees that are ready to work, we need an educated workforce.Dow has alsobeen involved in supporting education from the very earliest levels. Dow volunteers work in the elementary schools, providing reading assistance or business training to students in grades 3-6.They work in the middle and high schools judging science fairs, participating in career forums, serving as mentors and providing much needed science equipment to the labs and, at the college level, Dow has been instrumental in helping create certificate programs that enable students to embark upon a high-paying career right here in East County.

Dow also finds ways to support the teachers, providing summer internships and sending teachers to science academies to learn new curriculum to bring back to their students.

Programs Dow Has Supported (partial list)


There are hundreds of organizations in Contra Costa County that are doing mission-critical work and we applaud them. In fact, we often wish we could fund all those groups that have such a positive impact on our employees, their neighbors, family and friends. But we can’t.

Based on what the community told us is important to them – and based on Dow priorities – we have set some very clear guidelines as to the types of organizations we give to. First and foremost, the organization must be a 501©(3), school, or municipality.Second, it must serve the residents within East Contra Costa County. And third, it must impact those areas the community told us were so important – the environment, education or employment opportunities.

To learn more about how to apply for funding or find out if your organization qualifies.(23KB PDF)

In addition, the Dow CAP distributes nearly $15,000 each year through a competitive grant process. Learn More

We also are one of East County’s largest supporters of United Way of the Bay Area, donating nearly $50,000 each year to the local chapter and involving 55 employees (in 2008) in the Week of Caring.

Organizations Dow has Supported in the Past (partial list)

    East County Boys & Girls Club

    Junior Achievement

    Los Medanos College Foundation

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Mt. Diablo Region YMCA

    Muir Heritage Land Trust

    Opportunity Junction

    Antioch School Education Foundation

    Contra Costa Economic Partnership

    Delta 2000


    Lawrence Hall of Science

    Lindsay Wildlife Museum

    Marine Science Institute

    United Way of the Bay Area


Dow purchased this land from the U.S. Steel Corporation for $11 million in 1989 as an environmental buffer zone. In the ‘70’s, and again when we purchased this property, developers were proposing residential/commercial projects that would have put significant population density close to our plant.

Each year, the 30+ member team of Dow employees, retirees, and community members determines the enhancements and restoration efforts it pursues at the site. Native species in the form of trees, shrubs and wildflowers are planted routinely.A windmill pumps water to native oak trees and a bird forage field yields crops of sunflowers, barley, and corn to attract additional wildlife.Habitat enhancement, wildlife monitoring, and nesting site improvements for migrating birds is a team focus.From the construction of a viewing platform to Kestrel birdhouses, raptor platforms, road improvements, docks, and recycle water irrigation systems -- many projects are ongoing team challenges.

View the Dow Wetlands Preserve Brochure. (30KB PDF)

Wetlands Drone Videos

Jason Fiori, Pittsburg I&E Tech, has dedicated much of his time to capture footage of our beloved Wetlands Preserve using his drone. Please check out the amazing video recaps from our 2015 & 2016 Dow Wetlands Environmental Fairs.

Dow Wetlands Video 2015
Dow Wetlands Video 2016

Don't forget that the Dow Wetlands Preserve is open from sunset to sundown for your enjoyment. We hope that you will visit along with family, friends and pets soon!

Strategic Partners

Our program is an award-winner thanks to the effective partnership with several local organizations:

  • Lindsay Wildlife Museum — Volunteers from Lindsay serve as docents to thousands of school students each year as they explore the Wetlands, learning about earth and water science. Lindsay also uses hack boxes we’ve built to release rehabbed raptors and barn owls into the wild.
  • EarthTeam — Members of EarthTeam are students in Contra Costa County who have a passion for the environment.Several times each year, these teens spend time at the Wetlands doing mission-critical work – trash clean-up, weeding, planting, and more.
  • Los Medanos College — Chemistry and environmental sciences classes use the Wetlands as their outdoor laboratory.They can study water quality, soil nutrients, plants and animals – all in their own “backyard.”


Below are listed just some of the many awards the Dow Wetlands Preserve has won:

2009 - Corporate Lands for Learning of the Year (Wildlife Habitat Council)

2007 - Signature of Sustainability Award (Wildlife Habitat Council)

2006 - Corporate Lands for Learning of the Year (Wildlife Habitat Council)

2004 - California Council For Environmental & Economic Balance - Governor Edmund G. 'Pat' Brown Award

2003 - Environmental Protection Agency (Region IX) Environmental Award

2002 - Environmental Responsibility Award (Industrial Environmental Assn/California Manufacturers & Technology)

2000 - Winner "Corporate Habitat of the Year" award through Wildlife Habitat Council (competed against 103 global corporate sites)

2000 - $2,500 California Fish & Game grant (used to purchase equipment for "Summer of Service" program)

1999 - "Five Star" $10,000 Environmental Protection Agency grant working with "at risk" youth

1999 - Partnership Award Nominee (Partners In Education)

1998 - Outstanding Partnership Support Award from Lindsay Wildlife Museum

1998 - Dow Responsible Care Award

1998 - Contra Costa Council's Medal Award "Continuing Business Development & Community Participation"

1997 - Nominee for Corporate Habitat of the Year Award (top four of 60 national nominations)

1997 - Environmental Achievement Award (Mt. Diablo Silverado Council Boy Scouts of America)

1995 - Achieved Recertification as Wildlife Habitat

1993 - President's Award for Community Service

1993 - Deemed Certified Wildlife Habitat by the Wildlife Habitat Council

1992 - President's Environmental Care Award (through Dow Chemical)


Lindsay Wildlife Museum volunteers serve as docents for elementary school tours. Each 90-minute tour consists of exploring the watery habitat, learning about the plants and animals found in the wetlands and observing organisms under a microscope. Activities complement California State Science Standards.

School tours can be scheduled by calling 925-627-2913.

Tours for adults or opportunities to do community service at the Wetlands may be scheduled by calling 925-432-5211.

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