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At the UCC Seadrift Operations site in Seadrift, TX, more than 1,000 employees and contractors are working hard every day to make basic and specialty chemical products that improve lives and address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

In addition to the contributions UCC Seadrift Operations make to society through its products, the site is committed to the principles of sustainable development and protecting the safety of its employees and contractors, its communities and the environment. As a proud member of the community, UCC Seadrift Operations contributes to the economy through jobs, taxes, retiree benefits, local purchases and charitable contributions.

Union Carbide Corporation (Manufacturing Location)

A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Corporation
Highway 185
North Seadrift, TX, 77983

P. O. Box 186
Port Lavaca, TX, 77979

Telephone: 361-553-2000
Fax: 361-553-3464

Union Carbide Corporation (Corporate Headquarters)

A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Corporation
7501 State Highway 185 North
North Seadrift, TX, 77983

Telephone: 361-553-2997

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About Us

If you have ever taken a drink from a water bottle, ridden in a car or used a computer or cell phone, you have potentially used a product made at UCC Seadrift Operations.

The site began operations in 1954 as a Union Carbide Corporate (UCC) facility and became part of The Dow Chemical Company in February, 2001 through the acquisition of UCC.

UCC Seadrift Operations is the second largest Dow facility in Texas, spanning about 4,700 acres and employing more than 1,200 people. The site is committed to safety in every aspect of its operations. It is a member of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program as a Star of Excellence recipient and has received the Texas Chemical Council Caring for Texas Award in recognition of its commitment to community involvement and pollution prevention.

The site contributes substantially to the local economy, paying more than $11.2 million in local property and sales/use taxes, about $79 million in payroll and benefits and $165,000 in charitable contributions annually.

UCC Seadrift Operations operates as one manufacturing complex, with eight production plants owned by Dow and one plant owned by Braskem. The products made at Seadrift are used to make consumer products used every day in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, vehicles and by other industries.

Products manufactured at the site include:

  • Plastics (polyethylene) for wire and cable applications, drip irrigation tubing, containers (food and beverage), automotive parts, toys and diapers
  • Glycols for antifreeze, polyester fabrics and bottles
  • Oxide derivatives for health and beauty products such as medicines, shampoos and soaps as well as detergents, window cleaners, brake fluids and paint.



Dow first came to Texas in 1940, building a plant in Seadrift in 1952. What started out as a 2,500 acre cotton patch is now a 4,700+ acre world class manufacturing site. The location for the plant was selected due to an available workforce with strong work ethic (consisting mostly of farmers and veterans) and an abundance of land, water and raw materials.

The site was named “Seadrift” because the town of Seadrift had the nearest post office at the time – eight miles away. Operations began in 1954 and Seadrift has continued to expand. Seadrift Dow is the 5th oldest UCC/Dow facility, and the 3rd oldest of the gulf coast operations.

As a result of Dow’s historic acquisition of Union Carbide, Seadrift Operations became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company in February 2001.

Contributing to Community Success

Accepting Applications Beginning August 13, 2018

The Dow Gives Community Grants Program is an annual competitive grant program designed to support social, economic, or environmental projects that will enhance the quality of life within communities near the Seadrift Operations site. Applicants must be charitable or non-profit organizations (have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax designation) or be municipal or government agencies. The program is not intended to provide on-going operational funding. Instead, it is directed at one-time, tangible, re-usable project costs that relate to long-term sustainable initiatives meeting the needs of communities near Seadrift Operations. Applications must be received by Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 11 p.m. CST (12 a.m. EST).

The maximum grant funding available is $7,500 per project.

To apply go to and select “United States of America”, “Texas” and “Seadrift, TX” in the drop down menus. Be sure to complete all sections of the application.

A workshop providing information about the application process, criteria, and examples of past winning organizations will take place at the Seadrift Clubhouse on Tuesday, August 15 at 10 a.m. To register for this free event, please e-mail or call 361-553-3058.

What type of projects does the program support?

Projects must provide positive community impact in at least one of the following areas:
Science in Society, Contributing to Community Success, and/or Sustainability.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Are one-time input costs that result in long-term benefits
  • Meet an identified community need in the area(s) of Science in Society, Contributing to Community Success and Sustainability
  • Are from organizations that are financially well administered and organized
  • Have measurable results
  • Generate community support and involvement
  • Encourage the participation and involvement of Dow employees and retirees

Who can apply for the Community Grants Program?

Certified 501(c)(3) Non- profit organizations, municipalities, county, governmental or state agencies that reside in Calhoun or Victoria Counties, or in the communities of Tivoli or Austwell. All applications must be endorsed the executive director (or equivalent) of the organization.

Successful projects will be selected by a committee of Dow employees and community members.

The full Program Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available below. Please read these the documents thoroughly before applying.


For more information, please contact Seadrift Operations Public Affairs at 361-553-3058.

Environmental Stewardship

The environment, and resource conservation are as important to us as they are to you. At Seadrift we make them critical considerations at every stage of our products' lives. As a participant in the chemical industry's global Responsible Care® program, Seadrift Operations works to provide you with materials that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.

In every corner of the world, demand for sophisticated consumer goods grows. We focus on providing solutions that improve products from the inside, out and outside, in. Seadrift’s technological advances are used in nearly everything we touch, watch and wear. From plastics to personal care items, our products make great things more fun, comfortable and environmentally–friendly. Together, we make it simple to be simply better. Seadrift Operations demonstrates this commitment in many ways:

On-site Wetlands

Seadrift Operations is a great example of wildlife co-existing with industry. On-site wetlands provide a residence to an abundance of wildlife and safe-haven for a wide variety of migratory species of birds. With wetlands along the Victoria Barge Canal, you can find anything from alligators to hundreds of migratory birds. Furthermore, the In-Plant Lagoon Stormwater Management Wetland aligns to the Valuing Nature Goal of Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals. It is an excellent example of how Dow has used green infrastructure instead of grey infrastructure to realize cost savings and increase natural capital. It provides habitat for various wetland species while providing stormwater management benefits.

On-site Conservation

We are also involved in projects to conserve energy and water and recycle cardboard, paper, wood, oils, solvents, and metal which is a win for both Dow and the environment we all share.

Dow Sustainability Education Center

The Dow Sustainability Education Center is a classroom that has been transformed into an interactive environment where students can learn about sustainable concepts and practices. Professional quality exhibits from local businesses, including Dow's Seadrift Operations, and the Calhoun County School District are on display inside the center, Students will visit the center on school field trips and families can visit the center together in the evenings. The center, located at the corner of Ash and Virginia Streets in Port Lavaca, is open to the Public Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

E-Waste Day

Dow partnered with the Calhoun County Independent School District to bring a residential electronics recycling event to Port Lavaca; the event collected 13,469 pounds of E-Waste in just 3 hours! Dow is proud to sponsor additional E-Waste Day’s in the future.

Great American Cleanup and Texas Trash Off

As part of its sponsorship to Keep America Beautiful, Dow Seadrift Operations provides funding, supplies and volunteers for annual cleanup events. Most recently 19 Dow employees and family members volunteered for the Great American Cleanup and beautified the campus of Victoria Christian School. Dow looks forward to helping to Keep America Beautiful for years to come.