Texas City Operations

Texas City Operations is proud to operate and be a partner in the Texas City and La Marque communities. We are proud to announce that as of Mar. 31, 2013, we have gone four years without a Process Safety Incident (PSI).

Texas City Operations is owned by Union Carbide Corporation, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. “Dow”, as used throughout this web site, often refers generically to The Dow Chemical Company and its consolidated subsidiaries.

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About Us

The Texas City Complex was established in 1941 by Union Carbide Corporation, and provided critical materials to America's World War II defense efforts. The facility grew to become the largest site for Union Carbide. In February 2001 Union Carbide became a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Although much smaller than its peak in the early 1980's, the Texas City Complex is still an important contributor to Dow in providing key intermediates to the down stream businesses.

Today, Texas City Operations occupies and owns 420 acres of land. The site employs 330 employees. Texas City Operations has 2 production plants manufacturing more than 2 billion pounds of products each year.

Texas City Operations manufactures more than 30 chemical products. Products including aldehydes, organic acids and vinyl acetate are produced for use in plastics, solvents, coatings, ink, brake fluid, pharmaceuticals, and other useful products. Consumers use these products everyday in such things as mouthwash, cleaners, chewing gum, and bandages.

The raw materials used in the manufacturing of Texas City Operations products are primarily natural gas, ethylene and propylene. Products are distributed by water, rail, truck, and pipeline to customers all over the world.

Texas City Operations continuously seeks to have a positive impact on employees, the community and the environment. The site communicates regularly with near-neighbors, and works actively with the Texas City-LaMarque Community Advisory Council to keep the community involved in site activities.

Committed to Responsible Care® efforts, the site has programs of safety, health, emergency response and environmental protection for employees and the community. On Mar. 30, 2013, Texas City achieved four years with no process safety incidents--the best safety record in the plant's history.

Aligning social, environmental and economic responsibilities to build sustainable partnerships with the community, Texas City Operations gives more than $200,000 annually to educational, diversity, health, and environmental causes through foundation grants and local contributions. In addition, TCO volunteers , including employees, retirees and family members , have donated more than 30,000 work hours and completed 200 major community projects since 1988.

Meet Our Site Leader

Roselle Bleile is the Site Leader for Texas City Operations (TCO).

Roselle Bleile joined UCC as a production engineer in the Olefins 2 facility in Taft, LA, in 1983. She would spend the next 31 years in various manufacturing roles at the UCC Taft/Dow St. Charles Operations facility. Her first 7 years were spent in Hydrocarbons at the UCC Taft Plant in which she was a member of the team that restarted Olefins 1. In 1990, she accepted an improvement engineer position in the Acrylics Plant at the UCC Taft Plant. In 1994, Roselle assumed her first leadership role at the Polyethylene facility, UCC’s Star Plant. Her first Production Leader role came in 1999 when she returned to the Acrylics Plant at Taft. She retained this position through the Dow Merger in 2001. From 2006-2012 she served as the SCO Site’s Maintenance Leader. In 2012 she returned to the Hydrocarbons plants as Production Leader where the Olefins 1 facility was in operation and the Olefins 2 facility was being refurbished to be restarted. The restart of Olefins 2 was the first milestone associated with Gulf Stream to be completed. In 2014, Roselle left SCO for the Production Leader position of the Texas City OXO facility. In 2016, she was named the Texas City Operations Site Leader.

Roselle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA in 1983.

Dow Gives Community Grant Program, Texas City Ops

The Dow Gives Community Grants Program is an annual competitive grant program designed to support social, economic, or environmental projects that will enhance the quality of life within communities in southern Brazoria County. Applicants must be charitable or non-profit organizations (have a 501(c) (3) non-profit tax designation) or be municipal or government agencies.

The program is not intended to provide on-going operational funding. Instead, it is directed at one-time, tangible, re-usable project costs that relate to long-term sustainable initiatives meeting the needs of communities near Dow’s operations in Galveston County Mainland.

Organizations must submit applications through Dow's website at www.cybergrants.com/dow/applications/open.

All required fields must be completed, including the attachment of a detailed budget. Deadline to apply is Friday, May 27, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

An information session about the program qualifications and application process will be held on Wednesday, April 27 in the Captain’s Room in the Texas City Doyle Center from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

For more information contact (409) 641-4957.


TCO employee Eunice Scott was one of the many employees that took part in the building of a cottage at Boys and Girls Harbor. Boys and Girls Harbor provides a safe home for children that have been abused or abandoned.

Texas City Operations is proud to contribute to the success of the community through donations to non-profit organizations. Texas City Operations has made contributions to the following organizations:

  • Galveston County Fair & Rodeo
  • Hospice Care Team
  • League City Lion’s Club
  • Friends of La Marque Library
  • Texas A & M Sea Camp
  • College of the Mainland
  • Texas City Independent School District
  • La Marque Independent School District
  • Junior Achievement
  • United Way

To be considered for a contribution from Texas City Operations:

  • The requesting organization must be able to provide an IRS 501(c) 3 letter please include tax identification number
  • The request must be in writing on the official letterhead of the organization. Faxes, phone calls and emails are not acceptable when requesting contributions.
  • Include information that describes how the funding will provide a direct service or benefit to the community
  • Specify amount requested
  • Must include contact name and phone number

Please consider that contribution guidelines do not allow contributions to be made to:

  • Charities utilizing third-party fundraising organizations
  • Political Organizations
  • Contributions can not be used for religious purposes
  • Donations are not made to individuals

Send your written request to:

Texas City Operations
Public Affairs Manager
P.O. Box 471
Texas City, TX 77592-0471

Community Advisory Panel

Texas City Operations sponsors a Community Advisory Panel (CAP) that includes near neighbors. The site is also active in the Texas City/La Marque Community Advisory Panel (CAC) which has diverse representation from across the community. These panels are important opportunities for the site to share information with neighbors and the community. These community groups discuss topics regarding process safety, environmental issues, site and community activities. The site leader and other members of the site leadership team attend these meetings. If you would like additional information about the Texas City Operations CAP contact:

Texas City Operations Public Affairs