In 2010, Dow Pittsburg conducted a survey in the community.  We wanted to determine:

  • what quality of life issues were most important to our residents?
  • with what issues are they are most dissatisfied?
  • and, given those answers, what should be Dow's rightful role in helping to improve the quality of life in East Contra Costa County?

Here’s what the survey results told us Dow's priorities should be:

  1. Environmental protection
  2. Educational Opportunities (specifically in the areas of science, math & engineering)
  3. Employment opportunities

As such, we have become much more strategic in our community efforts, activities and contributions – ensuring that our energies are focused in the areas that are most important to the community and that make sense for Dow.

Participating in the Community

From serving on boards to performing chemistry demonstrations, from participating in fundraisers to reading to children in the schools, Dow’s employees are involved. Employees are given time off for volunteering for Dow-sponsored activities – and many do.

Our Quarterly Community Outreach Reports illustrate the site tours and Wetlands tours that were conducted, activities our employees took part in throughout the community and any media mentions or awards Dow Pittsburg received.



Protecting the Community

Safety is always Dow's top priority. Our goal every day is to ensure that every employee goes home to their families the same way they showed up to work – healthy.

We also know that the community gives us our license to operate – and, as such, will not tolerate harming the environment or threatening the area in which we all live.

Each year, Dow partners with emergency responders from across the region to conduct a CAER Drill (Community Awareness & Emergency Response). It’s a disaster simulation that takes nearly a year to plan, hundreds of volunteers to execute and dozens of local agencies to coordinate. Partners in this effort include local fire and police, public health officials, hospitals, ambulance services, HazMat, the Coast Guard, Life Flight, and more.The result is a community that is better prepared for any emergency that will require a coordinated effort

Tours of the Pittsburg Site

The Department of Homeland Security dictates Dow’s security practices and a drive by our site looks like we are high-security. Well, we are.However, we would love to show the community what we do here.

What might you see on a site tour? We can tailor the tour to fit your interests – or that of your group. A 25-passenger bus is available to drive you around the 500-acre site to see our solar farm, our 11 manufacturing plants, our position on the river and/or a state-of-the-art control room. We can always arrange to have employees discuss their careers with you, explain our safety procedures or talk about new innovations taking place in the world of chemistry.

Tours for groups can be scheduled by calling 925-432-5176. No children under age 13 are allowed on site.