About Us

On January 1, 1939, Dow purchased the Great Western Electrochemical Company, becoming the first major manufacturing expansion outside of Dow’s Michigan headquarters.Great Western was owned by a group of prominent San Francisco businessmen who operated their businesses along the West Coast, anticipating development of the agriculture, forest products, oil and mining industries.During World War I, most of the company’s products were requisitioned for the war effort.After developing, producing and marketing a variety of new products, Dow purchased the company and incorporated it into its operations.

Now, after 76 years in this community, Dow is still a driving force for innovation, environmental stewardship and is viewed as a solid employer, providing high quality, high-paying jobs to the residents of Contra Costa County.

Facts for 2014:

Economic Impact for 2014:

  • Number of Employees: 350
  • Pittsburg Operations Payroll: $35 million
  • Number of Contractors: 250
  • Dollars spent with local suppliers: $60 million
  • Nine Manufacturing Plants on 513 acres of land
  • State Income Taxes: $20 million
  • Wetlands Preserve 472 acres
  • Property Tax: $3 million

Products Made at Dow Pittsburg Operations

Dow products protect the world’s food supplies and make our lives easier.
Dow’s Pittsburg Operations produces more than twelve different basic and specialty chemical products. You might not find our basic chemical products on your store shelves, but they help produce many consumer and commercial products that improve our lives every day.

For example, our DOWICIL™ antimicrobial is used in personal care products such as sunscreens, cosmetics and paints to inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend their shelf life and usability.Our VIKANE™ fumigant, safely treats homes infested with termites. Our agricultural products help the commercial farmer rid his crops of weeds that take valued space and soil nutrients, increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, prevent the growth of fungus, and prevent insects from devouring crops.

It's enlightening to learn how Dow chemistry can help improve our lives.