Setting the Sustainability Framework

Dow integrates public policy solutions, science and technology, and value chain innovation to develop sustainable societal blueprints.

Progress towards Sustainable Development Goals

Dow’s blueprints for a sustainable planet are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are a collection of best practices and effective collaborations addressing the most pressing global challenges today.

Our sustainability metrics

  • Developing a pipeline of blueprints in which Dow can make an impact
  • Creating a metric to evaluate our impact in fostering more collaborative action toward a more sustainable planet
  • Monitoring and updating our blueprints to reflect ongoing conversations

Recent highlights

  • Published two new blueprints – Product Safety and Valuing Nature
  • Partnered with the Keystone Policy Center to produce a toolkit and training course that equips employees to develop and launch blueprints
  • The Dow-International Olympic Committee Carbon Partnership announced new business partnerships to improve energy efficiency, packaging, reforestation and industry

Our Blueprints

View our blueprints, from water solutions to valuing nature, which reflect our experiences and collaborations as we address these challenges. We have so much to share and learn. You can start with exploring our Blueprint Thinking Toolkit, a publicly available framework developed to guide collaborative action.

Water Solutions
When fresh water is scarce, how do you prioritize the need for water today while also preserving water for the future?
Unlocking Carbon Reductions
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is good for both business and environment.
Product Safety
Ever wondered how Dow brings new innovations to the marketplace and what steps take place to ensure its safety?
Valuing Nature
Dow’s Valuing Nature Goal sets out to achieve $1 billion in net present value through projects that are good for business and better for ecosystems.