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What happens when we work together to advance solutions that preserve our planet and ensure human safety?

A sustainable future for all.

Dow's blueprint for product safety

While chemical products provide many benefits to society, they must also be managed responsibly to minimize any adverse effects on humans and the environment. Dow employees take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to ensure that Dow's products are designed, stored, transported, used, disposed of or recycled in a manner that shows high regard for human health, safety and environmental stewardship. Dow's product safety organization includes over 200 experts in global chemical and end-use regulations, product stewardship, toxicology (human and environmental), risk assessment, and hazard communication. This organization ensures that Dow's materials are compliant with regulations and safe to use in their intended applications. This is the basis of how we bring materials safely to the market through innovation and collaboration.

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Evaluating Innovative Opportunities

As Dow creates a new product or considers a new use for an existing product, our product safety experts assess what data is needed to thoroughly evaluate the health and environmental profile of the new product or use. If the new product or use is approved, this information is communicated to the product users via safety datasheets, regulatory datasheets, food contact statements and in some cases, product handling guides. See the examples below on how Dow evaluates and communicates human and environmental safety information.

Collaborating to Advance Science-Based Safety Assessments

Dow believes in having the highest quality scientific knowledge to inform decisions on product safety. Achieving this goal requires diverse approaches and perspectives that are facilitated by collaborations with customers, academic researchers, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Each collaboration represents different stakeholder perspectives and ensures that Dow listens, engages and acts to increase confidence and advances the science around product safety. The following examples demonstrate Dow's partnership with groups that are critical in advancing science-based safety assessment.

To learn more about Dow's product stewardship program and chemical management policies, visit Customer Support.