Dow's blueprint on sustainable watershed management

Water is vital

By 2050, the world population will increase to 9.2 billion, with demand for fresh water increasing along with it. When fresh water is so scarce, how do you prioritize the needs of water today while also preserving water for the future? No one can do this alone – we must collaborate in new and meaningful ways to manage water more sustainably.

A sustainable watershed for all

As one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, Dow depends on a steady supply of water to create the products that are essential for everyday life and human progress. We know there are other water users – companies, farmers, and governments – who share our vision and have their own sustainable water management stories. Our vision and our hope is that through this blueprint, we inspire watershed stakeholders around the world to forge collaborations to sustainably manage scarce freshwater that is so vital to life on this planet.

Sustainable watershed management case studies

The blueprint for sustainable watershed management is about sharing the story of our journey towards more sustainable water management which centers on the power of collaborations at the local and global scale. In those collaborations, stakeholders can play multiple roles, from framing the initial collaboration, to being a key supporter for the project execution – from a technical, financial, or policy standpoint.

Through our World Leading Operations goal, we have identified six of our manufacturing sites as key water-stressed sites and committed to reducing the freshwater intake intensity at these sites by 20 percent. Some of these case studies highlight the innovative local collaborations we are making in these locations. Some are in other watersheds where Dow employees live and work. All are part of our water journey.

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Check back soon for new case studies and opportunities to collaborate with us.

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