Customer Automation Solutions

Easy Automation through a Flexible Suite of Options

Dow Customer Service professionals can help you develop the right solution with flexible options that provide around-the clock access, streamlined information and access to productivity tools. Automation allows you to spend more time with your sales, service and technical contacts – enhancing working relationships and developing new solutions for your customers.

Print-to-XML: Fax and Email Order Automation

Companies that want low cost easy automation with little, if any, change to their existing order format and process choose P2X as their automation solution. If you currently place orders by phone, consider fax or email for P2X automation as it reduces the time required to place an order and helps prevent order entry errors that could delay delivery.

Dow P2X technology captures orders from your pre-defined format, automatically digitizes them and conv... invoices.

Vendor Managed Inventory: Automatic Re-Orders for Just-In-Time Supply

Customers with consistent and predictable product supply needs gain confidence that the Dow products they use regularly will be available when needed with Dow Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) automation. We use the latest telemetry technology to continuously monitor your inventory levels and consumption rates to automatically place product re-orders.

Invoice Automation

Automated invoicing eliminates the need to print and mail hardcopies while increasing the speed and accuracy of invoice handling. We also work with you to automate the payment process to enhance your cash flow and payables planning.

  • Less expensive to distribute the invoice
  • Speeds document delivery and processing
  • Fewer discrepancies at payment due date
  • Greater customer control and consistency
  • Access Dow Easy Pay through MyAccount

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