Dow and Habitat Partner to Support Flood Relief Efforts Nine Months Post Flood

Midland, Michigan - March 31, 2017

As we reach the nine month anniversary of the August 2016 flood, the need in south Louisiana is not over, and neither is the help coming from Dow. Dow Louisiana Operations announced Friday plans for continued support for victims of the August 2016 flood that will help with ongoing restoration of damaged homes and provide additional financial support for longer-term rebuilding efforts.

Dow employees were on-hand in Baton Rouge to help install landscaping for Ms. Willie Mae Fair, an 81-year-old woman whose home was one of more than 140,000 damaged in the flood. Dow has provided financial and volunteer support to a number of groups dedicated to flood recovery. Among them is Habitat for Humanity, which removed flood-damaged material from 85 houses, then shifted focus to rebuilding as many homes as possible. Ms. Willie Mae’s home is the most recent to be completed.

To assist with the continued rebuilding, Dow will contribute $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge, the latest part of a comprehensive commitment to flood relief. In August, Dow announced $250,000 in support for a number of organizations that were influential in helping people impacted by the flooding.

Ms. Willie Mae was forced to evacuate her home nine months ago, due to the flood. “It was a pleasure to host Dow employees at my home last week while they landscaped my yard,” said Ms. Willie Mae, homeowner and participant in Habitat’s flood recovery efforts. “I am so thankful for the support of Habitat for Humanity’s Flood Recovery program which has provided me with the resources and support needed to get back into my home.”

Dow employee volunteers have come forward in remarkable numbers to add their time and talents to the Company’s financial support.

“Those impacted by the flooding are our employees, friends and neighbors. When they struggle, we struggle,” said Abby Cook, Public Affairs Manager, Dow Louisiana Operations. “We have been part of the Louisiana community for more than 60 years, and when our neighbors are in trouble, we will be there to pitch in, for as long as it takes,”

This is the 35th year of partnership between Dow and Habitat for Humanity International, with the Company’s expertise and innovative products providing a variety of ways to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

“While Habitat is not traditionally a disaster recovery organization, we are a leading housing ministry,” said Lynn Clark, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge. “We are dedicated to helping recover, repair and rebuild with the citizens of Greater Baton Rouge. We have set the aggressive goal of 100 rebuilds, and Dow’s support will go a long way toward making that possible.”

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