Dow Product Made in Louisiana

Plastics produced at St. Charles Operations and Louisiana Operations are sent to other manufacturers who make them into computer components such as keyboards and monitors, football helmets, adhesives, strengtheners for tires, athletic shoes, pipes, wire and cable. . . and the list goes on and on.

UCARE Polymers™ made at our Amerchol facility in Greensburg, Louisiana, are used as specialty ingredients that go into body washes, gels, anti-bacterial soaps, creams and lotions that reduce irritation, protect the skin’s natural barrier, prevent loss of moisture and restore damaged skin to good health.

On Week’s Island, Dow manufacturse products with infrared wavelengths suitable for use in specialized windows, laser lenses and other optical elements.

At St. Charles Operations, glycol ethers are used in leather and textile dyes, while some of the site’s industrial chemicals are found in paints and coatings. Polyolefins and elastomers made in St. Charles Parish help keep your leftovers fresh when they are used in resins and films for food wraps.

At Louisiana Operations, caustic soda is a key ingredient in products from soaps and bleach to aluminum foil. The site’s methyl cellulose is used in cosmetics, shampoos and detergents. Diapers get a boost from polyethylene made in Plaquemine, and chlorine is found in many health-related products, including cleaners, bleach, water purification and even medicines.

Polyethylene made at Louisiana Operations and at St. Charles Operations can be found in countless products around the house, including milk carton coatings, trash bags, grocery sacks, margarine tubs and film canisters, as well as weather stripping for your home. Dow methyl cellulose is used as a thickening agent in milkshakes and salad dressings.

When you’re on the move

Dow products made in Louisiana enable manufacturers to make cars lighter, stronger, more stylish, and more energy-efficient. Our chemicals are used to make brake fluid, antifreeze, and other fuel additives, as well as specialized plastics and resins used as components in automobiles, trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Our manufacturing facility in Sterlington, Louisiana, produces nitroparaffins - an additive to nitro fuel used by professional drag race cars - and nitro alcohols that enable tire cord adhesion.

Chlorinated polyethylene produced at Louisiana Operations in Plaquemine goes into automotive hoses, tubes and wires – critical components that ensure automobile performance.

The next time you pass a new traffic signal or look at a digital display alarm clock, know that peroxymeric chemicals produced at St. Charles Operations are used in making LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), those ‘little dots’ that replaced the old bulbs.

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