Locations - Amerchol Greensburg

Amerchol, a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation, operates a 50-acre site in St. Helena Parish, 45 miles northeast of Baton Rouge. The site began as a privately held chemical company and was acquired by Union Carbide Corporation in 1985.

Approximately 35 full-time employees and contractors operate two production units, manufacturing cationic polymers for the home and personal care markets. Amerchol products can be found in skin and hair-care products, detergents, makeup and toiletries.

Amerchol is one of the largest employers in St. Helena Parish with an annual payroll of $2 million. The site generates more than $300,000 in state and local taxes each year.

Through educational outreach to the local public schools and technical college, as well as employee and company contributions to United Way, the Greensburg site is an active participant and supporter of the local community.


Union Carbide Corporation

A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Corporation

13875 43 S.

Greensburg, LA, 70441

Telephone: 985-783-4411

Fax: 985-783-5432