At six sites in Louisiana – Plaquemine, Grand Bayou, Hahnville, Sterlington, Greensburg, and Weeks Island – Dow manufactures more than 100 basic and specialty chemicals that are shipped worldwide.

  • Louisiana Operations near Plaquemine is one of the largest petrochemical facilities in Louisiana. Home to most of Dow’s global businesses, the 3000-acre integrated manufacturing site produces more than 50 different basic and specialty chemical products.
  • St. Charles Operations (SCO) is owned by Union Carbide Corporation, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. The complex consists of a 2,000-acre integrated site just upriver from Hahnville. Basic building-block and intermediate chemicals produced at SCO are used in thousands of everyday household, business and consumer products.
  • At Grand Bayou Operations near Napoleonville, Louisiana, Dow mines underground salt with water to produce a saturated brine solution used in manufacturing at Dow’s Louisiana Operations in Plaquemine.
  • Dow subsidiary Amerchol operates a 50-acre site with two production units in Greensburg, manufacturing a wide variety of ingredients for the personal care and topical pharmaceuticals industries. Amerchol products are used in skin and hair-care products, makeup and toiletries.
  • On Weeks Island a coastal island 95 miles southwest of New Orleans, the CVD manufacturing process is used to manufacture products with infrared wavelengths suitable for use in specialized windows, laser lenses and other optical elements.