Case for Change

Louisiana Operations implemented a new Community Advisory Panel (CAP) in the Summer of 2011. LAO operated under its original CAP charter since 1989 and based on extremely positive (>75%) familiarity and favorability ratings, we were given "permission" from our community to lead, stimulate, innovate and serve as a catalyst for change. Dow uses CAP meetings to meet with high level leaders in the community that have influence and can offer input to how Dow can proactively lead instead of being a "fast follower" and to exceed community expectations instead of just satisfying them. Focus is given to EH&S, Dow business strategy and LAO business/community affairs. The membership of this CAP is key business, community and political leaders from Iberville and West Baton Rouge Parishes.


  • Establish a "Dow-knowledgeable" panel of leaders from the surrounding community, external to LAO
  • Open and foster two-way communication with the panel
  • Identify where can Dow have the greatest impact and exercise the most focused leadership and responsibility


Membership is by invitation only and is restricted to the following individuals. A member of the executive staff of any CAP member may attend in place of an unavailable CAP member.

Invitation to membership is extended by letter from LAO Site Leader, Eduardo Do Val, to individuals holding the office, title, or role listed below. The letter of invitation provides an overview of the content of this guiding document and also includes a 1 year meeting schedule in order to obtain commitments from the onset.

  • Iberville Parish President — Mitchell Ourso
  • West Baton Rouge Parish President — Riley "Pee Wee" Berthelot, Jr.
  • Iberville Parish Council Chair — Matt Jewel
  • West Baton Rouge Parish Council Chair — Gary Spillman
  • Iberville Parish School Superintendent — Dr. Arthur Joffrion
  • West Baton Rouge Parish School Superintendent — Wes Watts
  • Iberville Parish School Board President — Polly Higdon
  • West Baton Rouge Parish School Board President — Jason Manola
  • Iberville Parish Chamber of Commerce Executive Director — Hank Grace
  • West Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce Executive Director — Jamie Hanks
  • Iberville Office of Emergency Preparedness Director — Laurie Doiron
  • West Baton Rouge Office of Emergency Preparedness Director — Deano Moran
  • Dow LAO Site Leader — Kevin Cadien
  • Dow LAO Responsible Care Leader (RCL) — David Wilson
  • Dow LAO Public Affairs Manager — Abby Cook Barden

Meeting Frequency

The LAO CAP meets on a quarterly basis at the Louisiana Operations Site. Meetings are held within the 2 week period after Dow reports quarterly earnings. This allows site leadership to present an accurate snap shot of the Company and LAO's performance, based on metrics tracked by the company on a quarterly basis.

Tentative meeting dates for 2019 are:

  • March 13, 2019
  • June 5, 2019
  • September 18, 2019
  • December 4, 2019

Sample Meeting Agenda:

Meeting time: 1.5 Hours

00:00 — 00:10 Welcome/Introductions 00:10 — 00:20 Update — Dow business (quarterly earnings, strategy update, etc.) 00:20 — 00:35 Update — LAO business (operating rates, turnarounds, projects) 00:35 — 00:45 Update — LAO EH&S metrics (Injuries, LOPCs, Safety Emphasis) 00:45 — 00:55 Update — LAO Community Success/Government Affairs 00:55 — 01:20 Round Table — Where can and should Dow lead? 01:20 — 01:30 Wrap Up

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