Circular economy success stories: why we believe in a stronger, more circular future

At Dow, we’re always looking to highlight the latest innovations and advancements that contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

This conversation series allows us to learn more from sustainability thought leaders, as we break down promising initiatives and partnerships across the public and private sectors, what we can learn from their results, and what is bringing them hope for a more sustainable future.

The stories

Converting Household Waste into Valuable Plastics


Harnessing Sustainability-Driven Innovations for a Circular Economy


An Entrepreneur’s Approach to Sustainability


Sustainable Waste Management: Giving Used Items a New Life


How collaboration is driving a sustainable future


How big tech is creating scalable waste commerce solutions for plastic waste


Technology’s role in developing sustainable plastics


Reducing waste through innovation


A new kind of recycling

Sina Hilbert, Brand Manager and Sustainability Lead for Gerber sat down with Jeff to discuss the innovation and partnerships that enabled curbside recycling of flexible plastic packaging.

Expanding material lifecycles

Dow’s Jeff Wooster is joined by Helen Sahi of AWI to discuss the role of resilient supply chains in creating a more circular, sustainable building industry.

Making packaging more sustainable

Jeff and Linda Roman of Kraft Heinz share insights on the importance of working within the supply chain and how partnerships can help sustainability goals.

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