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A career with us is an invitation to explore, create and make valuable contributions to human progress. We’re a global team of problem-solvers, impacting everything from automobiles to fresh food. There’s a science to our success.

The following solutions demonstrate how science and humanity come together to innovate solutions that enhance the quality of life.

How can coatings impact the science of sound?

Simple. Sound is the result of vibration. Scientists apply a variety of technical solutions to reduce the impact of vibration-induced sound, but few offer the convenience of liquid-applied sound damping. With Dow’s ACOUSTICRYL™Acrylic Emulsion Technology, coatings can be formulated for easy-spray application and effective sound damping. ACOUSTICRYL™ Technology is sound science.

How can your clothes stay fresh even after a sweaty workout?

Simple. With the long lasting intelligent freshness of Intellifresh™, powered by Dow’s patented SILVADUR™ technology. When you sweat, odor-causing bacteria will try to grow in your clothes. Not when the fabric is treated with Intellifresh, which neutralizes bacteria that can buildup on fabric surfaces so fabrics stay fresher longer, even between washings. Intellifresh ensures all day freshness for your clothes and builds confidence that comes from looking good, feeling good.

How can a pillow help you get a healthier night’s sleep?

Simple. Dow’s new washable memory foam technology provides for a cleaner, cooler and more comfortable sleep enabled by a larger cell structure that now allows memory foam pillows to be washed and machine dried.

How can a soap keep you healthier?

Simple. Hand washing with soap is among the easiest and effective ways to help prevent a range of diseases. That’s why leading soap manufacturers use Dow POLYOX™ Water Soluble Polymers to help make soaps feel softer on the skin and last longer creating an affordable hygiene solution for more people around the world.

How can sewage be turned into a refreshing drink?

Simple. Use a rigorous filtration technology that is composed of polymer reverse osmosis membranes, no thicker than a human hair. Using pores smaller than one-millionth of a millimeter, the membranes are capable of wiping out microscopic contaminants.

How can ice at an iconic arena be revitalized?

Simple. Dow enhanced the ice sheet at the Yost Ice Arena by improving the concrete slab beneath the ice. Dow used STYROFOAM™ Brand XPS Insulation and DOWFROST™ HD Heat Transfer Fluid to help accomplish this feat. These products aid in consistent temperature control, slowing of heat loss, prevention of the heaving of the slab, and transfer of heat to where it needs to be, all of which helps maintain the quality of ice.

How can tires create a faster race at the Olympic Games?

Dow adhesives, created using similar raw materials found in automobile tires, were used to create the running track at London’s 2012 Olympic Stadium designed to maximize athlete safety. The adhesive, VORAMER, binds together rubber particles that make up the track and provides runners with the perfect balance of hardness and elasticity.

How can paint purify the air we breathe?

Dow developed a binder technology for latex paint that can remove harmful formaldehyde from indoor air. FORMASHIELD™ Formaldehyde-Abatement Technology doesn’t just reduce paint’s impact on indoor air quality — it actively improves it. FORMASHIELD™ Technology employs a functional monomer that transforms the formaldehyde in the air into harmless vapor.

How can aluminum combat global warming?

Dow’s BETAMATE Adhesives enable the use of lightweight aluminum and composites in the development of vehicles, reducing weight and increasing safety and crash behaviors of cars. BETAMATE Adhesives have already contributed to an estimated 23.3 billion kg carbon dioxide (CO2) avoidance and 2.65 billion gallons of gasoline savings.

How can a flower help fight obesity?

Dow Agrosciences’ Omega-9 Oils, derived from sunflower and canola oils, are healthier oils that have zero trans-fats and higher levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. These oils are used for the restaurant and foodservice industries and deliver healthier foods without compromising taste or performance. Bad fats are replaced by healthier fats, decreasing risk of heart disease and diabetes.

How can water rebuild a city?

CONTINUUM EP Resin from Dow is used in the manufacturing of WaterBrick®, a lightweight, durable container that can transport food and water and then be reused to create homes, schools and medical facilities – serving a dual purpose with zero waste. Dow and WaterBrick, International donated 250,000 bricks for use in Haiti reconstruction efforts following the earthquake.

How can fruit make the Olympic Games more sustainable?

Dow partnered with a local landfill to convert methane from rotting fruit and other discarded items to partially power Dow facilities. That is just one of the many ways Dow is offsetting the carbon footprint of the Olympic Games. The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games were the first in history to mitigate the entire direct carbon footprint of its Organizing Committee prior to the Opening Ceremony.

How can bubbles create a healthier population?

Lifebuoy™, the world’s number one germ protection soap, uses DOW POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Polymers to create a soap that lasts longer, provides better value and yet still feels great on the skin. Dow created a controlled release technology enabling a bar of soap to stay intact longer while releasing germ-fighting ingredients slowly and at the right time.

How can the ocean quench the world’s thirst?

Dow’s FILMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis elements transform ocean water into drinking water by removing salt and other contaminants –providing 40 percent better purification using 30 percent less energy. Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technologies from Dow are improving the efficiency of desalination making it possible for communities to derive greater quantities of usable water.

How can ink increase the battery life of your phone?

Dow’s Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) inks create brilliant colors in cell phone screens and require less power. The OLED emits a light with the color emitted being dependent on the painted molecular ink in the emissive layer of the technology. Enabling brighter screens is just one of the solutions Dow provides for smart devices − 95% of smart devices on the market use Dow innovations.

How can heat prevent ice from melting?

Dow’s DOWCAL™ Heater Transfer Fluids were used below the ice at Sochi’s Bolshoy Ice Dome to create and maintain the arena’s high-performance ice surfaces for world-class ice hockey competition and training. The fluids provide energy efficiency, exceptional performance and reliability for the arena’s ice surfaces and air conditioning system.

How can clean water develop tomorrow’s leaders?

Ghanaians frequently purchase water pouches or “sachet water” from street sellers, even though its quality can be questionable. These containers have a negative impact on the environment because of excessive littering. Dow’s future leaders partnered with WaterHealth to develop a new solution that ensures a more reliable supply of quality water and minimizes these negative consequences.

How can yarn create a faster, safer hockey match?

Yarn made from DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins from Dow were used for the artificial grass in all field hockey pitches at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The game changing resins create a softer turf surface minimizing abrasions and helping to prevent serious injury, providing a durable pitch for players to slide, tackle and fall on more safely.

How can clean clothes create cleaner water?

Through a joint development between Dow and Haier Group, we have commercialized the first eco-friendly washing machine that reduces water consumption by 30 percent while also improving water quality by removing as much as 99 percent of common bacteria. The washing machine uses new DOW™ Ultrafiltration Technology to clean the water.

How can social media influence skin care?

We live in a world where we connect with people by posting pictures and videos of ourselves on social media –in turn creating higher demand for skin care products to help us look our best. Not only is social media driving demand, but it allows brand owners to influence their product lines by better understanding what consumers want.

How can a plant treat malaria?

Nibima, commonly used to treat malaria in rural areas, has been overharvested to near extinction. In a new twist on leadership development, a team of Dow’s future leaders traveled to Ghana to develop a new domestication program for Nibima using seeds. The team provided supply chain analysis, communication plans and communication tools to increase production of this critical plant.

How can tree bark restore a work of art?

Black on Maroon (1958), one of Rothko's Seagram murals and an iconic work of American abstract expressionism, was vandalized with graffiti ink that marred its subtly layered surface. Dow experts analyzed the ink and identified a cleaning solvent, partially derived from tree bark, to remove the graffiti, without damaging the original artwork.

How can racing create safer cars?

Racing is both a sport and a science. Dow and Richard Childress Racing, one of NASCAR's preeminent race teams, collaborate on automotive solutions like new adhesives and lighter materials to help make cars stronger, better, and lighter. The race track provides a testing ground for new technologies before applying them to consumer vehicles to make them safer.

How can beans increase the sustainability of the Olympic Games?

Dow officially launched a sustainable agriculture program in Russia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing more sustainable farming practices. Dow educated and encouraged local farmers to engage in low-till agriculture and other sustainable farming solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment, while also enabling the production of healthier crops, such as beans.

How can the sun lower your energy bill?

Dow POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles have completely changed the way the world looks at roofs, simply by making them work harder. Instead of merely lying passively on your house, these shingles generate electricity from the sun’s rays to power your life –while still keeping everything inside protected from the elements. These shingles lower your energy bill, while being easier to install and more esthetic than traditional solar panels.


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