U.S. Veterans at Dow

Dow wants and values the skills that veterans bring to the workforce and we strongly support their commitment to the service.

Our commitment to your future

When you join our team, you join a culture of support. Here are just some of the ways we value you and your service:

U.S. Engagement Program

Dow's unique mentoring program focuses on engaging with U.S. veterans to connect them to open positions at Dow. Mentors focus on helping mentees adjust to the Dow workplace culture and reach their full potential within the organization. The engagement program is a larger part of building a culture of inclusion and diversity.


Dow was an official supporter of the 2016 Invictus Games and the 2014 Warrior Games—a tremendous opportunity to honor the men and women who risked their lives to serve in the military.

U.S. Military Degree Equivalence

Dow is proud to qualify 3.5 million American veterans who have four or more years of relevant military experience for jobs that require an Associate’s degree, bringing veteran talent into the organization to further our success.

Dow’s Veteran Resource Group

Dow’s VETNET was established to acknowledge the virtues of U.S. military service and to advance the recruitment, personal development, and mentorship of service members and veterans.

Military Leave of Absence

Dow offers military leave for up to five years to employees who serve in the U.S. In most cases, there is continuation of compensation and benefits from Dow.


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