Dow Seadrift Operations Announces 2015 Dow Gives Community Grants Program

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) Seadrift Operations is pleased to announce its 2015 Dow Gives Community Grants Program.  As part of the program, local community groups have the opportunity to be awarded up to $7,500 in funding for projects that contribute to long-term community sustainability and success. The application deadline is Friday, May 1 at 4 p.m.

Dow’s competitive grant program ensures that all eligible projects have an equal opportunity at being awarded funds to address the needs of our community.  As one of the three commitments to Dow’s corporate citizenship program, the Company believes that by developing our communities, we are able serve as an impactful community member in our areas of operation.

“There are numerous organizations in our community doing great things for our citizens,” said Gabriella Cone, Dow’s community relations manager in Seadrift. “Dow is proud to play a part in helping these organizations become more impactful for the citizens in our area. 

Each year the selection committee, comprised of Dow employees, retirees and community members, review the applications and evaluate their projects based on their alignment with Dow’s Community Success Goals. The committee is also charged with making sure Dow’s community priorities of environmental sustainability, education, economic development, neighborhood safety and security, and health care are being met in the projects they review.

Applicants must be based in Victoria County, Calhoun County or in the communities of Austwell or Tivoli. They must be charitable organizations with 501c3 tax-exempt status, municipal or government agencies or faith-based groups whose project benefits the community as a whole. The funding is intended for one-time, tangible purchases that have long-term positive impacts on the quality of life in our local community.

Since 2004, Dow’s community grants program has distributed approximately $2 million to local projects. 

Information about the 2015 Dow Gives Community Grants Program and a link to the online application is available at

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