Dow first came to Texas in 1940, building a plant in Seadrift in 1952. What started out as a 2,500 acre cotton patch is now a 4,700+ acre world class manufacturing site. The location for the plant was selected due to an available workforce with strong work ethic (consisting mostly of farmers and veterans) and an abundance of land, water and raw materials.

The site was named “Seadrift” because the town of Seadrift had the nearest post office at the time – eight miles away. Operations began in 1954 and Seadrift has continued to expand. Seadrift Dow is the 5th oldest UCC/Dow facility, and the 3rd oldest of the gulf coast operations.

As a result of Dow’s historic acquisition of Union Carbide, Seadrift Operations became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company in February 2001.