In-Plant Lagoon Stormwater Management Wetland

From waste lagoon to stormwater wetland


Site history


How to build a wetland



Birds take flight

Aerial map of wetlands

Site benefits of wetlands

Wildlife coexisting with industry

Plant life identified on site

Birds identified on site


Whats next

Plants identified on-site

Physostegia virginiana: By Hardyplants at English Wikipedia [Public domain], from
Wikimedia Commons;

Tripsacum dactyloides: By Mason Brock (Masebrock) - Own work, Public

Carex frankii: By Robert H. Mohlenbrock. USDA SCS. 1989. Midwest wetland flora:
Field office illustrated guide to plant species. Midwest National Technical Center, Lincoln.
Courtesy of USDA NRCS Wetland Science Institute. - USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database:
Carex frankii Kunth, Public Domain,

Andropogon gerardii:& y USFWS Mountain-Prairie - Big bluestem
(Andropogon gerardii) in flower Sand Lake Wetland Management District 01,
Public Domain,

Birds identified on-site

“Birds of Texas”, John H. Rappole & Gene W. Blacklock, 1994. Also:,