About Us

If you have ever taken a drink from a water bottle, ridden in a car or used a computer or cell phone, you have potentially used a product made at UCC Seadrift Operations.

The site began operations in 1954 as a Union Carbide Corporate (UCC) facility and became part of The Dow Chemical Company in February, 2001 through the acquisition of UCC.

UCC Seadrift Operations is the second largest Dow facility in Texas, spanning about 4,700 acres and employing more than 1,200 people. The site is committed to safety in every aspect of its operations. It is a member of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program as a Star of Excellence recipient and has received the Texas Chemical Council Caring for Texas Award in recognition of its commitment to community involvement and pollution prevention.

The site contributes substantially to the local economy, paying more than $11.2 million in local property and sales/use taxes, about $79 million in payroll and benefits and $165,000 in charitable contributions annually.

UCC Seadrift Operations operates as one manufacturing complex, with eight production plants owned by Dow and one plant owned by Braskem. The products made at Seadrift are used to make consumer products used every day in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, vehicles and by other industries.

Products manufactured at the site include:

  • Plastics (polyethylene) for wire and cable applications, drip irrigation tubing, containers (food and beverage), automotive parts, toys and diapers
  • Glycols for antifreeze, polyester fabrics and bottles
  • Oxide derivatives for health and beauty products such as medicines, shampoos and soaps as well as detergents, window cleaners, brake fluids and paint.