Seadrift Operations

At the UCC Seadrift Operations site in Seadrift, TX, more than 1,000 employees and contractors are working hard every day to make basic and specialty chemical products that improve lives and address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

In addition to the contributions UCC Seadrift Operations make to society through its products, the site is committed to the principles of sustainable development and protecting the safety of its employees and contractors, its communities and the environment. As a proud member of the community, UCC Seadrift Operations contributes to the economy through jobs, taxes, retiree benefits, local purchases and charitable contributions.

Union Carbide Corporation (Manufacturing Location)

A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Corporation
Highway 185
North Seadrift, TX, 77983

P. O. Box 186
Port Lavaca, TX, 77979

Telephone: 361-553-2000
Fax: 361-553-3464

Union Carbide Corporation (Corporate Headquarters)

A Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Corporation
7501 State Highway 185 North
North Seadrift, TX, 77983

Telephone: 361-553-2997