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The Dow Chemical Company’s Freeport site is the largest integrated chemical manufacturing complex in the Western Hemisphere. Founded in 1940, Texas Operations was home to the world’s first-ever plant to mine the ocean for magnesium, making Dow one of the largest suppliers for the Allies in World War II. Today the site employs more than 7,000 people and has 65 manufacturing units working together to produce 44 percent of Dow’s products sold in the United States and 20 percent of the Company’s products sold globally. Recently, Dow announced it would be taking advantage of increasing supplies of U.S. shale gas by building a world-scale propylene plant in Freeport and expanding an existing ethylene cracker there. These large investments combined with other projects, including the building of a world-scale chlor-alkali facility, will create hundreds of positions and thousands of construction jobs. Texas Operations is also in the running for another world-scale ethylene cracker to be built at the site