Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Texas

At the heart of the world's 10th largest economy is manufacturing. From chemicals to petroleum products and automobiles, manufacturing employs more than 7 percent of Texas' total workforce. Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any industry; for every 1 job created in manufacturing an additional 4-5 jobs are created in the broader economy. As a result, an even greater number of Texas residents are employed by organizations that support the state's manufacturing base.

The Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Texas is meant to provide a framework from which policymakers and businesses together can strengthen the Texas economy and its backbone: manufacturing. The plan presents Dow's positions and recommendations on a range of policies and programs that play a significant role in the ability of Texas manufacturers such as Dow to support and grow their operations, increase employee numbers, and expand their role in communities across the state. By reinforcing that Texas is open for business, policymakers can enable the creation of more jobs, spur investment, and boost state and local economies. Texas is already a national leader in manufacturing competitiveness, but there is more that can and should be done. With the right policies in place, Texas can continue to redefine and diversify its manufacturing base to usher in a new era of economic prosperity.

Dow's Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Texas provides a comprehensive set of policies that can help lead the way to a strong and prosperous future for Texas manufacturers.

Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Texas (1.5MB PDF)

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