Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan

Manufacturing has long been the largest business sector of Michigan's economy. From chemicals to automobiles to furniture, manufacturing employs more than 10 percent of Michigan's workforce. An even greater number of Michigan residents are employed by organizations that support our state's manufacturing base.

Michigan has emerged from the Great Recession as a leader in private sector job growth because of a revitalized manufacturing sector. As a global leader in advanced manufacturing, Dow has a vision for how government and policy stakeholders can reinvigorate economies and cultivate a more competitive marketplace. Through sound policymaking and a commitment from both the public and private sectors, the world's leading manufacturing economies can begin a sustainable path to a more prosperous future - enabled by advanced manufacturing. That journey begins with Dow's Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan.

Dow's Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan provides a comprehensive set of policies that can help manufacturers support and grow their operations, hire more workers, expand their contributions in communities across the state, and lead the way to a stronger manufacturing future for Michigan. Michigan has been home to Dow since its founding in 1897 and we are committed to working with state policymakers to accelerate the manufacturing rebound and help Michigan manufacturers thrive. With the right policies, Michigan can continue to redefine and diversify its manufacturing base and usher in a new era of economic prosperity by creating jobs and spurring investment.

Dow's Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan will help the state create new advanced manufacturing jobs, continue its economic comeback, and attract global innovators and businesses to invest in Michigan.

Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan (1.25MB PDF)

Advanced Manufacturing Plan for Michigan Overview (300KB PDF)

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