Sustainability Policy


We only have one planet with limited resources. As such, we need to protect the natural resources that people and industry depend on which includes accelerating progress on more efficient as well as more renewable solutions.

We are all part of a complex system that requires balance including economic systems, social systems and ecosystems. Progress in these areas will require systems thinking at the global, regional, local and even individual levels as well as unprecedented collaboration between business, government, academia and civil society.

The world needs solutions for big challenges like energy, climate change, water, food, housing and health. For advanced manufacturing this applies to the use of all natural and material resources in the production process, where innovations such as technology clusters help get the most from material inputs along value chains, and to products, where advanced materials and other innovations can significantly increase overall resource efficiency. Greater resource efficiency underpins advanced manufacturing by delivering lower costs for commodities, products and services. The positive correlation between resource efficiency and competitiveness should be an added incentive for every sector to take action.

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