Chemicals Management Policy

Responsible Product Management

Chemicals management includes a broad range of efforts and practices to ensure the safe and environmentally sound manufacturing, distribution, handling and disposal of chemical products. These practices encompass the entire product life cycle, including:

- Testing products to assess hazards;

- Evaluating potential exposures of products in their intended applications;

- Identifying opportunities to manage risks to human health and the environment; and

- Registering new products with proper authorities.

At Dow, we strive to develop, manufacture, transport and market our products responsibly. We work to ensure that our products are handled safely and recycled or disposed of properly. We also welcome appropriate governmental review of our operations and products.

Compliance with Product Regulations

Dow supports consistent and coordinated product regulations at the global, national and regional levels to complement industry's voluntary efforts and to ensure a level playing field. When new regulations are required, it is Dow's position that they should be based on established scientific principles to define safe conditions for use. Further, regulations should impose requirements to assure that use is controlled within predefined safe conditions.

Regulations should rely on risk assessment and management principles that are predictable, flexible and capable of responsibly addressing society's economic, environmental and safety requirements.

Further, Dow supports the International Council of Chemistry Associations (ICCA) principles of regulatory cooperation to facilitate trade, effectively use resources and improve industry’s competitiveness, while maintaining high safety standards.

Transition to a More Sustainable Planet and Society

At Dow, we believe that sustainable chemistry goes well beyond mitigating the unintended consequences of chemistry. We see it as a breakthrough approach to innovative problem solving and providing sustainable solutions to critical global challenges. At the core of our 2025 Sustainability Goals is a drive to increase confidence in chemical technology.

Over the next decade, Dow will work to increase confidence in the safe use of chemical technology through transparency, dialogue, unprecedented collaboration, research, and our own actions. Achieving progress towards this goal will require engagement with stakeholders throughout the chemical industry’s value chain, including chemists, toxicologists, regulators, brand owners, retailers, non-governmental organizations, and consumers. As part of this goal, we will continue to advocate for strong chemical management regulations across the globe, with a focus on international regulatory cooperation, ensuring that regulations are targeted, flexible and positioned to be inclusive of new product safety technologies.

Industry Leadership in Responsible Care

Dow is dedicated to serving as a leader in the chemical industry. During the past several years, Dow has co-led efforts within ICCA to continue the advancement of chemicals management initiatives, including the industry’s Responsible Care® Global Charter and Global Product Strategy (GPS).

As a leader and participant in GPS, Dow is helping the global chemistry industry to be more transparent by providing access to information for co-producers, customers, government officials and the public. Dow has led the way in publishing Product Safety Assessments online, and achieved the company's goal of posting PSAs for all commercial Dow products by 2015.

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