1946 Dow Pharmaceuticals ad: “Extending an Enjoyable Life Expectancy”

A Bright Postwar Future

With this illustration and theme, “Extending an Enjoyable Life Expectancy” reflects how the U.S. cherished the prospect of lasting stability and happiness at the conclusion of World War II. Dow shifted its message to the way it helped improve life at home, like through its growing Pharmaceuticals Division. ETHOCEL™ ethyl cellulose was used in plastics for the war effort, but then became a widely used ingredient in medicine coatings. METHOCEL™ methyl cellulose was developed shortly after as a thickener, binder and film former used in pharmaceuticals.

Healthy R&D for Human Progress

As the ad mentions, life expectancy in the U.S. had exceeded 63 years by 1946. Today it is over 78, in part from the use of healthier, more sustainable products. Dow left the pharmaceuticals business in 1995 but continues to contribute to human health and well-being by solving global challenges with its products and solutions, developing everything from fibers for softer, stronger adult diapers, to cosmetic ingredients that help consumers better protect themselves from external aggressive factors and keep their skin healthy as they age.

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