1953 Saran Wrap® ad: “The Most
Amazing Food Wrap Ever Developed!”

A Consumer Product Gets Dow on a Roll

Saran Wrap® was the first product Dow sold directly to consumers. Appearing in the nationally syndicated This Week magazine, this print ad was just one element of a massive advertising campaign. Saran Wrap® debuted on The Today Show, and Dow sponsored an entire television program called Medic to help showcase the product. Saran Wrap® would go on to sell more than 200 million rolls in five years. It was a successful part of Dow’s major consumer push of the 1940s and 1950s.

From Chance Discoveries to Materials Science Leadership

Polyvinylidene chloride, which Dow dubbed Saran®, was discovered by accident in 1933 by Ralph M. Wiley. His discovery would lead to uses in seating materials, plastic used for wartime and industrial purposes, and eventually Saran Wrap®. Today Dow continues to advance in performance materials with a bold willingness to explore new possibilities. Starting with the end in mind, partnering with our customers, and remaining laser focused on deploying the Dow innovation engine against real needs ensures that innovation leads to business success.

®Saran Wrap and logo are trademarks of S.C. Johnson and Son Inc.

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