1950s Styron™ ad: “Plastic Wall Tile
Made of Styron”

Plastic in Fashion

During the 1950s and early 1960s, plastic tiling was considered both practical and fashionable. In this ad, Dow modeled a Styron™ plastic tile design from John and Earline Brice, two well-known interior designers from New York. It’s an example of Dow selling a lifestyle as much as a product. It also reflects the increased use of photography in print advertising, as color photography became more affordable.

Making Plastics Better for Producers and for the Planet

Styron™ polystyrene resins were highly successful for half a century and opened the door to the “age of plastics” of the 1950s and beyond. Dow’s latest innovations in plastics are helping industry meet demands for cost-effective materials that also produce less waste – Solutions like PacXpert™ Packaging Technology – enabling a lightweight, flexible packaging alternative to large, rigid containers.

™Styron is a trademark of Trinseo Europe GmbH

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