1944 ad on peace and scientific achievement: “The Chemistry of Hope”

Emerging from a Turbulent Time

Dow contributed to the U.S. effort in World War II and anticipated playing a role in the progress that would come after it ended. “The Chemistry of Hope” ad, which ran in the Saturday Evening Post, reflects Dow’s optimism that science could help lead to a productive, prosperous world.

Capital “A” Art

The illustrators for MacManus, John & Adams, Inc. – Dow’s longtime ad agency – were highly accomplished, both in and out of advertising. Ben Stahl, the illustrator of this ad, was a prominent artist whose work appeared in many magazines, books and film posters (including the poster for Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston). In pre-war ads, Dow adopted the tagline “Chemicals Indispensable to Industry” (later adding “… and Victory” during the war, as seen here). The Company began highlighting its broader impact, a precursor to Dow’s modern-day focus on how its products benefit society and our planet.

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