1935 DOWFLAKE™ Ad: “Protect Their Precious Lives!”

Simple and Effective

This 1935 ad in Construction Digest targeted municipal customers, providing an early example of Dow partnering with communities to improve people’s lives. The ad highlighted the ice-melting properties of DOWFLAKE™ Calcium Chloride, which made roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Reflecting the classical and modernistic style of the era, the ad describes the product’s end-user benefits and was part of a transition in Dow’s messaging. It fell between Dow’s early, text-only ads focused on technical aspects of a product, and the colorfully illustrated, consumer-focused ads that would emerge later in the 1930s.

Building Better Cities

Today, Dow continues its tradition of collaborating across the intersections of government, business and society. In Singapore, Dow worked with customers and industry partners at a school for children with autism and mild intellectual disabilities to transform sports facilities and classrooms. The project incorporated Dow’s R&D 100 award-winning ECOGROUND™ Waterborne Acrylic Binder System as a more sustainable solution than solvent-based systems for the running tracks, basketball court and parade square. DowCorps volunteers helped paint the classrooms using paint enabled with FORMASHIELD™ Technology, which helps purify indoor air by absorbing harmful formaldehyde and converting it to water vapor.

DOWFLAKE is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company licensed to OxyChem

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