A look back

Dow’s vintage ads provide snapshots of our growth and evolution over the last century.

1935 DOWFLAKE™ Ad: “Protect Their Precious Lives!”

1941 ad about products used in sporting goods: “The Chemistry of Recreation”

1944 ad about peace and scientific achievement: “The Chemistry of Hope”

1957 Dow latex paint ad: “No sooner planned than painted”

1946 Dow Pharmaceuticals ad: “Extending an Enjoyable Life Expectancy”

1939 Cliffchar ad: “Keeping ‘Adam’s Ale’ Up to Par!”

1953 Saran Wrap® ad: “The Most Amazing Food Wrap Ever Developed!”

1950s Styron™ ad: “Plastic Wall Tile Made of Styron”

1943 ad about returning empty product barrels: “Handle Drums with Care”