Open Your Heart for PRIDE Month 2023

open your heart rainbow graphic

Together, we can build a world where every individual thrives, regardless of their background, fostering innovation, and creating a brighter future for all.

At Dow, we are not only proud of our legacy and culture of innovation, but also of our unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. As we embark on our 2023 Pride Month campaign, the theme ‘Open Your Heart’ supports the aim to create a workplace and a world where everyone feels heard, valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. The theme is an invitation to listen to people’s stories without judgement.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture increases employee satisfaction levels, but it is also a key enabler for success. We celebrate our differences as strengths, driving creativity and problem-solving across our global teams.

Open Your Heart, be an Ally

Dow takes necessary action to protect and advance LGBTQ+ rights in communities across the globe. We stand firmly by our LGBTQ+ employees, customers, and partners, ensuring their safety and support within the confines of regional laws and regulations. By championing LGBTQ+ rights, we aim to contribute to the greater goal of creating inclusive societies where every individual can thrive.

The position of the LGBTQ+ community differs around the world. In some countries, great progress has been made to protect members of the community and to provide equal rights, such as same-sex marriage. But in other countries, there is a lot of progress yet to be made. Our LGBTQ+ programs are tailored to local needs, concerns, and societal norms. Our Trans Apprenticeship program in Latin America is an example that helps demonstrate the need and impact when focusing on local dynamics. Cut off from formal education or employment and facing social exclusion, trans people are at greater risk of poverty and face a shorter life expectancy than the general population. GLAD, Dow’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, launched a groundbreaking apprenticeship program for young trans-gender people – first in Argentina in 2015, then in Brazil in 2017. Since then, the program has helped trans people in Latin America establish a career and be accepted in the workplace.

For inspiration, we’d like to proudly share a few other examples: In 2022, we partnered with DonorsChoose to help build more inclusive classrooms in the United States, funding 257 projects for diversity, equity, and inclusion in classrooms across 11 states. Dow is a founding member of the European Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, which helps set and implement a pan-European certification process for LGBT+ companies. Last year, Dow’s GLAD, WIN, and GAAN ERGs were awarded $35,000 to develop and implement Dala Ikusasa (‘Create The Future’ in Zulu) program, which aims to protect abused women and LGBT+ community from systemic discrimination. No matter where our employees are, we will also work to support them.

Open Your Heart is a campaign theme that will hopefully resonate with people to become an ally. Allyship is critical, to make support visible, actively contributing to a feeling that our Company is a safe place for all. A place where people can truly be themselves, safely and authentically. We understand the profound impact that feeling safe and accepted can have on an individual's well-being, mental health, and emotional fulfillment.

Join us in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion embracing our Open Your Heart campaign. Together, we can build a world where every individual thrives, regardless of their background, fostering innovation, and creating a brighter future for all. Embrace diversity, empower others, and let your heart guide the way to a more inclusive world. To learn more, check out Dow’s Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Strategy page.

Alberto Pino, GLAD Employee Resource Group Co-Chair
Erica Everett, GLAD Employee Resource Group Co-Chair