When Innovation meets Customer-Centricity everyone wins


Dow team at the Texas Innovation Center

Sep 25, 2020 | A.N. Sreeram

Starting with the end in mind, partnering with our customers, and remaining laser focused on deploying the Dow innovation engine against real needs ensures that innovation leads to business success.

Start with the end in mind. A statement we’ve all heard and one that is particularly true when developing new products. Greater likelihood of success results when you begin a project with the result in mind. It also delivers real innovation, products that succeed and make a difference.

As highlighted in our recent FCLTGlobal case study, research confirms that long-term companies outperform on financial metrics, including revenues, profitability, and stock price, as well as non-financial ones like job creation and sustainability.

With more than a 120-year history of evolution and reinvention, innovation underlies everything Dow achieves. Dow’s innovation strategy remains focused on meeting customer needs.

We innovate to provide products that bring value to our customers in performance while simultaneously being more sustainable. These are not evolutionary, small changes. These meet customer needs, make good business sense and are recognized as innovative products. Higher performance creates value for our customers and creates a market premium.

Our portfolio of R&D projects, broad in scope and covering a range of time horizons, is actively managed to ensure we deliver value for our customers, returns for our shareholders and the sustainable solutions society demands. Time is an important variable. The portfolio is a mix of projects, from early stage aspirational efforts to products entering commercialization. Today’s long term projects naturally become tomorrow’s short term projects. Our scale and breadth gives us the ability to invest in transformational capabilities. Our investment in high-throughput tools and high-performance computing are two examples, developed capabilities that continue to reap benefits. These tools improve R&D effectiveness, delivering innovations faster than ever before. Computational tools, like deep search, deep learning, high-performance modeling and quantum computing, are being pursued, capabilities being investigated that show great promise to further improve our efforts. We cast a wide net, exploring nascent technologies and partnering to solve materials challenges.

Our customer-centric approach lets us effectively collaborate and connect with our partners – from formulators to brand owners, from academics to technology partners. These efforts continue to yield innovations that address some of society’s most pressing problems and are repeatedly recognized around the world. As just a few examples of that recognition:

Starting with the end in mind, partnering with our customers, and remaining laser focused on deploying the Dow innovation engine against real needs ensures that innovation leads to business success. Our focus on the end goal, our engagement with key entities in the value chain, drives rapid success at commercial scale. Innovative products get to market faster and find receptive customers.

Independent, third party recognition validates that our products are innovative. They are a testament to a mindset that fuels Dow’s R&D pipeline and to the world-class partners we are lucky to collaborate with every day. I am proud of Team Dow and thank our scientists and engineers for their creative efforts to deliver these innovative new products that bring value to Dow, to our customers and to society.

A.N. Sreeram, Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Technology Officer

Going big: Now is the time for a bold, durable strategy for climate protection


Solar panels with windmills in the background

Jan 21, 2021 | Jim Fitterling

Now is the time to do what is necessary.

As President Joe Biden took office yesterday, our nation faces critical and urgent issues: a global pandemic, extraordinary economic challenges and political unrest following the siege on the U.S. Capitol.

Yet, as one of his first acts in office, the President rejoined the Paris Agreement. While the U.S. has made substantial progress on CO2 emissions, this move signals to the rest of the world that the United States will once again engage and collaborate in reducing carbon emissions to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. Its message also should be a reminder that, while our nation faces the immediate task of recovery, we must work for transformative change. Now is the time to act – act boldly, to move our nation toward a net-zero economy.