AMCX Consortium, paving the way for CX in B2B

person holding a tablet behind digital graphics and customer centric icons

Our idea: get an increasingly large group of B2B companies to agree on a common CX definition and measure...

There are many published CX Index Rankings for B2C, but there are none for B2B.

Admittedly, it is more complicated to benchmark CX for B2B than it is for B2C, mostly because it is less straight forward to consistently identify and survey B2B buyers vs general consumers. Not only are B2B deals characterized by a high level of complexity and a high number of decision makers, but there also isn’t a common repository of who these people are and their role in the overall buying process. However, Team Dow is committed to closing this gap.

Our idea: get an increasingly large group of B2B companies to agree on a common CX definition and measure, have each company administer the same survey at the same time to their own customer contacts, and consolidate results in a common platform that allows to generate reports by industry segment. All of this can be done while maintaining strict control on customer sensitive information and without sharing contact information across companies. While we are not looking to create a detailed ranking of individual B2B companies, each participating company would be able to compare their individual score with the one of the industry segments they belong to, hence gaining insights on their relative CX performance versus peers.

Along with Dow on this ambitious journey are EY, the Manufacturing Leadership Council (a division of the National Association of Manufacturers), Qualtrics and over twenty other B2B companies from the Advanced Manufacturing sector. We are organized in what we call an Advanced Manufacturing CX Consortium (AMCX).

If you want to be part of the journey, want to learn more and/or want to join the Consortium, please Contact Us.

Riccardo Porta, Global Director Customer Experience