Dow and local partners collaborate to create an equitable future in Spain

Dow volunteers prepare for tree planting event

As a global leader in technology and innovation, Dow understands the role it plays in ensuring the future is not only sustainable, but also equitable.

The rapid advancement of digitalization over the past few decades has impacted everyone’s lives in unprecedented ways and at an unprecedented pace – from the evolution of computer science to new mobility science technology to the way we communicate via mobile devices. This great migration has tremendous benefits for most. However, advancements in digital technologies has widened the gap for people living with learning differences. We recognized this gap and understood its role in making a change for the future.


There is a lack of tech and digital resources available for people with learning differences

We often assume that we all learn at the same speed, but this misconception certainly applies when it comes to the education of new digital technologies for people with learning differences. Dow recognized the need to bridge this digital divide in Navarre, Spain and recently enlisted the help of Plan International, an NGO founded in 1937 that works for a just world in which the rights of children and the equality of girls is guaranteed, and Amimet, a local Spanish organization that works for the inclusion of people with disabilities, offering a comprehensive service to members and their families, to help solve the problem.


Partner with like-minded organizations to create a program that promotes the digital inclusion of vulnerable groups

"Thanks to the collaboration of the private sector through companies such as Dow and other social entities, Plan International continues to work to alleviate the digital gap, especially the gender digital gap, among the most vulnerable groups".
- Begoña Solórzano García, Director of the National Programs Department of Plan International Spain Foundation

To address this issue, Dow and its partners kicked off the ‘Go Digital with Dow’ pioneering project last year, which is designed to promote the digital inclusion of vulnerable groups, in pursuit of the following objectives:


  • Increase the digital inclusion of people with disabilities by providing new communication tools
  • Foster autonomy and boost self-esteem among people with disabilities in Navarre
  • Incorporate new methodologies into Amimet programs through new technologies
  • Promote a more sustainable work environment through digitization and reduced paper use


Young girl using a tablet
Boy uses a tablet with the help of a teacher


"The use of technology boosts the inclusion of people with disabilities. Thanks to this project, Amimet members today have greater opportunities. Thank you Dow!"
- Margarita Sánchez Ruiz, General Director of Amimet

The team at Dow donated various digital tools including computers, tablets and software, while Plan International and Amimet focused on developing the educational portion of the program which centered around four main pillars:

  1. Family Respite: New technologies were used to facilitate learning and knowledge integration. Support was provided for families submitting online applications for grants and scholarships, including advice and training in the use of computers and tablets.
  2. Health: Computer tools were used to conduct 16 individual psychology sessions, three health workshops, and a weekly cognitive stimulation session for adolescents and adults. Program participants were able to use apps in their personal sphere, while acquiring self-care and active aging tips.
  3. Employment: Technology was used as a part of job orientation interviews, advising approximately 50 people in their job search. The pre-employment training activities included working with a total of nine adolescents to acquire basic literacy and numeracy, strengthen skills and foster independence.
  4. Other Programs: The devices have also been used in individual training and to help people with disabilities carry out online procedures such as making appointments, registering as a job seeker, applying for grants and benefits and using videoconferencing platforms.

How does this innovation contribute to our value chain?

"This project, resulting from collaboration and coordination between Dow, Plan International and Amimet, is an example of how, as companies, we can and should have a positive impact on the communities of which we are part. We are proud to see that this program has had a real impact and that we have helped deliver digital learning to people who need it."
- Antonio Logroño, Dow Ribaforada Site Leader

To date, the project has directly benefitted 155 people with learning differences in Navarre, who have used a variety of IT tools to expand their support networks, improve their cognitive and digital skills and increase their job opportunities. By working to create a more equitable future, Dow is breaking down existing barriers in local communities to ensure all people have equal access to important real-life skills in the digital and tech spaces.