Innovating for a Sustainable Future – World Water Day

Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean, healthy water. At Dow, we are determined to make a difference – collaborating with customers and other partners to develop award-winning technologies to help save water and advance a circular economy.

DOWSIL™ EasyRinse
In water-scarce countries, hand-washed laundry comprises most of a family’s daily water consumption. DOWSIL™ EasyRinse technology is a silicone-based foam-control agent that reduces the number of rinses needed in handwashing. Foam reduction not only saves the consumer time and energy, it can also save up to three buckets of water per wash.

VORARAD™ Downhole Radium Sequestration Technology
Hydraulic fracturing has increased access to crude oil and natural gas from deep shale reserves, but the process usually requires pumping up to 6 million gallons of water into each well. VORARAD™ technology uses resin-coated sand to fuse proppant particles together and inhibit harmful isotopes, like radium, from rising to the surface, improving the safety and sustainability of hydraulic fracturing.

ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment
Planet Aid, a nonprofit that recycles textiles, reports that over 1 trillion gallons of water are used each year for dyeing fabric – that’s enough to fill 2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment is helping the industry address the sustainability challenges for more efficient water management. Pretreating cotton apparel with ECOFAST™ Pure requires up to 50 percent less water and reduces chemical use by up to 90 percent in the dyeing process.

ACUMER™ Scale Inhibitors
As global world population grows and becomes more industrialized, we are putting more demand on our water resources. Many industries are dealing with scarce water resources and communities are increasingly turning to water reuse as a tool to bolster water supply. Dow Industrial Solution’s ACUMER™ Scale Inhibitors are helping industrial operators reduce the demands on fresh water by extending plant processes and enabling reuse of wastewater.