Our decade of success


What started as an unlikely collaboration continues to blossom into something larger than us. Discover how our shared vision of incorporating nature into business decisions impacts the areas where we live and work.


2011: TNC-Dow collaboration launch

Dow and The Nature Conservancy partner to demonstrate the value of integrating nature into business decisions for better business and conservation outcomes.

2014: Making the business case for nature

Pilots at Dow Sites help build the case for incorporating nature into business decisions. Research shows that forests could be used to reduce air pollution and that natural solutions could help protect business assets from storm damage.

2015: Our $1B bet toward the big goal

Part of its 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dow's “Valuing Nature” goal is the first-ever commitment by a corporation to systematically consider nature in its business decisions on such a major scale.

2016: Defined work processes and methodologies

The ESII Tool is launched as a free resource, designed to help corporations, governments and other organizations rapidly assess and quantify ecosystem services obtained from nature.

2017-2018: Activated nature goal at Dow sites

Activated nature goal broadly across Dow sites to further embed the concept of incorporating nature into Dow's decisions at the site level, with a focus on natural solutions, methodology and culture change.

2019: Introducing Nature Scorecard

The collaboration team works with scientists at the Natural Capital Project to integrate consistent data on the environmental conditions at Dow's global sites and to develop the Nature Scorecard, a tool to better assess the natural capital impacts of different types of projects.

2020: Halfway to $1 billion in business value

Dow achieves >$500 million in business value, mostly through avoided costs, through nature-based solutions that are good for business and better for ecosystems as part of its 2025 Valuing Nature goal.

2021 & Beyond: Expanding our collaborative reach

Accelerating our sustainability actions around climate resiliency, water security and carbon.