Working Together

Dow has openly collaborated across customers, suppliers, communities, universities, and governments around the world in pursuit of the next innovations for a sustainable future.

Areas of Collaboration

Chemical Solution


Dow is an active supporter and participant in chemical trade associations and professional organizations around the world aimed at promoting the importance of chemistry. Through financial funding, executive leadership, technical expertise and sharing of best practices, Dow is leading the advancement of chemistry solutions to the world's greatest challenges.



Dow collaborates with universities worldwide to develop and train the next generation workforce. Dow actively recruits new hires from universities, as well as sponsoring and partnering in research to develop breakthrough technologies through enhanced understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, and advanced manufacturing.



Dow works with governments and agencies worldwide supporting the development of responsible laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures that safeguard the community, the workplace and the environment. 



Dow impacts global and social challenges through ongoing and active partnerships with influential NGOs to share information, develop research initiatives, collaborate on world-changing solutions, and find common ground on key science and sustainability issues.


Advisory Council

Dow's Sustainability External Advisory Council (SEAC) was established in 1992 to bring a diverse outside perspective on environment, health, safety and sustainability issues facing the company.


Science and Technology Advisory Council

Dow’s STAC brings a diverse, outside-in perspective to assure Dow retains leadership positions in science and technology within the materials science industry.