Science and Technology Advisory Council

Dow's Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) brings a diverse outside-in perspective on science, engineering, and innovation to assure Dow retains its leadership positions and expands its competitive advantage in the materials science industry.

The Council was formed in 2021 and is expected to provide perspectives and inputs that may have tactical and strategic influence on Dow's approach to innovation. The council will be composed of thought leaders from academia and chaired by Dr. A. N. Sreeram, CTO and senior vice president of Dow.

Members will not represent any particular organization but bring their expertise and awareness to share with senior Dow managers and the Dow leadership team.

STAC meetings will take place over one to two days with nominally four such meetings per year, addressing topics that have been suggested by Dow and the Council members. The format includes innovation platform overviews, technology roadmap exploration, capability development, discussion of practical applications, and sharing of information on emerging materials and technology trends and challenges.

The Council addresses three interrelated factors affecting Dow's success:

  1. Overall corporate innovation strategy through reviews of Dow’s innovation portfolio,
  2. Dow’s innovation capabilities, and
  3. Perspectives on global trends in chemistry and materials science.

Business/portfolio success factors:

The STAC is a great forum for Dow's business management and independent external thought leaders to reflect on a broad range of innovation challenges and opportunities. Council members provide informed feedback and technical insights that complement those provided by Dow’s internal technical staff. Furthermore, the engagement of the Council with Dow’s technical staff will yield powerful collective inquiry and thought that will broadly accelerate research and advance solutions to some of the most difficult yet potentially rewarding technical challenges.

STAC members:

The following world-renowned academics will comprise Dow’s Science and Technology Advisory Council.

A portrait of a Andrew Alleyne

Andrew Alleyne

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Dean, College of Science and Engineering
Russell & Elizabeth Bennett Chair
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

A portrait of a Linda Broadbelt

Linda J. Broadbelt

Northwestern University
Senior Associate Dean
Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

A portrait of a Jeffrey Grossman

Jeffrey Grossman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Morton and Claire Goulder and Family Professor in
Environmental Systems, Professor of Materials Science and
Engineering, MacVicar Faculty Fellow

A portrait of a Craig Hawker

Craig Hawker

University of California, Santa Barbara
Distinguished Professor, Alan and Ruth Heeger Professor of
Interdisciplinary Studies, Clarke Professor
Departments of Materials, Chemistry and Biochemistry

A portrait of a Catherine J. Murphy

Catherine J. Murphy

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Larry R. Faulkner Endowed Chair in Chemistry and Head
Department of Chemistry

A portrait of a Jonas C. Peters

Jonas C. Peters

Bren Professor of Chemistry
Director, Resnick Sustainability Institute
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

A portrait of a Dean Toste

Dean Toste

University of California at Berkeley
The Gerald E.K. Branch Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemistry

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